Get English Now is a blog for learning English Online, designed specially for high school students. Today there have been thousands sources for learning English. This trends should contribute a rapid progress of student's skill using English.

Like other online learning material, this blog tries to present some important information. You can do now or you can wait longer for this learning. It is about an English course, a blog to learn basic English Online, especially for students of junior high schools, senior high schools, and vocational high schools.

Since this is a blog for learning, it will be possible once to update or changes to the materials and articles that are tailored to the needs. However changing the writing itself is a learning process. By reading, updating, and or change their old material into new knowledge will add more excess to a topic. Is not there a wise word "practice makes perfect"? Yes with lots of practice will further perfect our ability.

Blog of learning English Online finally hopes that in time it may be a place to share, learn, teach, and practice together. For more clues what are covered by understanding text, you can see the categories of the articles.

I have been personally learning English since studying at elementary school, and like many other students, I do not feel the progress learning is clearly seen. Practicing it make it fluent and that is the blog is written for, making our English fluent.