25 Examples of Procedure Text on How to

 A procedure text is likely an explanation text in which they are giving detail information on how things are formed. The definition of procedure text is a text that which is designed to describe how something is formed through a sequence of actions or steps. The social function of procedure text is to describe how something is made through a sequence of actions or steps. The language feature of procedure text is mostly written in imperative sentences which show instruction or command. 

The themes of this kind of text are similarly like procedure text how to make, procedure text how to use, procedure text how to cook, procedure text how to wear, procedure text how to wash, procedure text how to write, and other how to texts. 

 The examples of this text can be like a procedure text how to make sandwich, procedure text how to make fried rice, procedure text how to use laptop, a procedure text on how to make coffee procedure text. Closing procedure text can be made with statement of conclusion or summary but it is very rarely found. To make it easily to find the sample you want, below is the list of procedure texts

1. Planting Chilies; Procedure Text
2. Writing For Business; Procedure Text
3. Procedure Text: How to Cook Chicken Vegetable Stew
4. Short Example of Procedure Text: How to Cook Pasta
5. Procedure Text: How to Cook Omelet
6. Procedure Text: How to Cook Broccoli
7. Procedure Text: How to Use Electric Oven
8. Procedure Text: How to Cook Fried Rice Easily
9. Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker to Steam Foods
10. Procedure Text: How to Make Beaded Bracelet
11. Procedure Text: How to Make Decorative Planter in a Jar
12. Procedure Text: How to Make Artificial Aquarium Rock
13. Procedure Text: How to Make a Handkerchief
14. Procedure Text: How to Make Bottle Rocket
15. Procedure Text: How to Use Walkie-Talkie
16. Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker
17. Procedure Text Example, How to Use an Ink Printer
18. Short Example of Procedure Text - How to Use GPS
19. Procedure Text How to Clean Swimming Goggle
20. Procedure Text - How To Wear a Neck Tie
21. Example Procedure Text: Easy Recipes for Dinner
22. Procedure Text How to Wear Belt Nicely
23. Example of Procedure Text in Installing SIM Card
24. Procedure Text How to Wear Diving Watch While Diving
25. Procedure Text How to Wear High Heels Correctly

You just need to click the sample and you will be brought to the text you want. Remember that the text is just the sample. The further goal is write the procedure text by your own way.

1.    Planting Chilies; Procedure Text

Planting is a nice activity in our spare time. The following is guided information on how to plant a chili-plant easily. Here are the steps.
Firstly, dry a handful seeding under the sunlight
Secondly, put the seeding on the soil. It should be in open area
Next, wait it. There will come out the sprout after that let it be bigger.
Finally, put it in another big pot. It will soon grow bigger and bigger and yield us some fresh chilies soon.

Analyzing the Text
Generic Structure Analysis
Goal; informing on how to plant chillies.
Material; excluded
Steps; showing the steps or method in planting chillies; from drying seed to putting the sprout in big pot.

language Feature Analysis
Imperative sentences; dry a handful seeding, put it, etc
Action verb; put, dry, etc
Temporal conjunction; next, finally, firstly, secondly
Simple present tense pattern; planting is a nice activity, the following is a guided information

2.  Writing For Business; Procedure Text

writing something for your business can be pretty intimidating. Well, you don't have to.

Here's a simple checklist to follow. I'm not saying that following these rules will make your company the next Google, but it will help.
Firstly, take the topic of benefits, not features. Your customers don't care about you. They want to know "What's in it for me?"
Secondly, write your benefit like you talk it. Use regular words. Read aloud what you've written. How does it sound?
Thirdly, lose the weak words. Don't describe how your company may, might or should help customers but talk about how your company will.
Fourthly, Use a nice rhythm. Some sentences are long and some are short. Mix them up and keep things interesting.
Fifthly,re-read what you've done before publishing. Edit it necesarily. It's so easy to make mistakes which you don't notice the first time through.

Analyzing the Text
Generic Structure Analysis
Goal; informing on how to write for business
Material; excluded
Steps/ method; showing the method in writing for business; choosing the advantageous topic, writing the topic like the way it is talked, re-reading what have been written .

Language Feature Analysis
Imperative sentences; write like you talked, re-read what you have done, etc
Action verb; write, read, etc
Temporal conjunction, firstly, secondly, etc

3.    Procedure Text: How to Cook Chicken Vegetable Stew

It is a very good text sample to understand what and how a procedure text in English lesson, especially for English for high schools. As we know that learning English in high school is given through understanding text based approach.
Mostly, procedure text is composed through arranging paragraph into 3 elements. They are stating goal which is commonly found in the title, stating the material and equipment, and the last showing the steps which are needed to completely do the things. Below is the text sample under the collection of how to cook text!

How to Cook Chicken Vegetable Stew
Chicken vegetable stew is best to warm your body in cold day. It is actually easy to cook. Here is how to cook it.

1.  1-pound chicken (any part as you like, cut into small pieces)
2.  2-ounce carrot (cut into small blocks)
3.  2-ounce broccoli (cut into small pieces)
4.  2-ounce potato (cut into small blocks)
5.  1-ounce cabbage (cut into small pieces)
6.  1-pc green onion (sliced)
7.  1-pc celery (minced)
8.  1-pc onion (minced)
9.  4-clove garlic (minced)
10. Half tomato (cut into block)
11. Powdered pepper
12. Salt
13. 2-liters water
14. 2-tablespoon Vegetable oil

Cooking Directions:
•  Boil water in the pot.
•  Add a little garlic, pepper, and salt to the boiling water.
•  Add chicken and let it cook for about 5 minutes.
•  In separate stove, heat vegetable oil in small pan.
•  Sauté garlic and onion until the smell come out and add tomato.
•  Transfer the onions to the boiling chicken.
•  Add potato and carrot. Let it boil.
•  Add broccoli and cabbage. Let it boil.
•  Taste the broth and add more salt and pepper to your taste.
•  Turn off the heat. Add green onion and celery.
•  Serve chicken stew on a bowl while hot.

Note: You can serve chicken stew alone or with rice or with roasted bread.

4.    Short Example of Procedure Text: How to Cook Pasta

Learning English text types in high school cover genre, functional text, and speaking text for transactional and interpersonal conversation. Procedural text is one of genre in text types which is written intentionally to show the steps to completely do projects or things.
According to the generic structure, a procedure text is organized through sequenced arrangement, they are goal, equipment, and steps. All these elements, however, are not strictly applied to any instructional text. Some procedure text omit the material or equipment necessarily. Here is another sample to complete our collection of how to cook text.

Procedure Text: How to Cook Pasta
Boil some pasta, give some spaghetti sauce, then we will have the ideal meal for young adult. The way to boil pasta is very easy; we just need to follow these instructions below.
First, we need to fill a large pot with¾ full of cold water. Then, we have to turn the burner of the stove to “High” and place the pot on it. We need to wait until the water in the pot boil. Then, add a tablespoon of salt. More pasta means more salt. Take the pasta and put it on the boiling water and stir it around. Boil the water once again. Read the instructions on the package and cook the pasta as long as it is instructed. We have to stir the pasta sometimes so that it will not stick to each other.
To find out if the pasta is done, we can taste it at the earliest time instructed on the package. The texture should be tender but maybe still firm to the bite. When we still see a little ring of uncooked pasta, it means we have to wait for a minute or more before we remove it from the stove.
When it is done, remove from the stove and pour it into a colander in the sink. We need to shake any excess water. To prevent pasta from sticking, we can add a couple drops of olive oil.

5.    Procedure Text: How to Cook Omelet

This is a complete instruction text. what I mean with "complete" is all procedural or instructional text are organized in 3 main elements. There are a goal, material or utensils, and series of steps.
Getting understanding on what is English procedure text can be about how to use like electrical equipment, how to make like steps to make kites, and how to cook like recipe of omelet. Mostly procedure text are written in imperative sentences or prohibition.
“How to cook” text is characterized by the detail of the ingredients needed at the beginning and continued by cooking direction. The following is example of procedure text about how to cook omelet.

How to Cook Omelet
Here is the best omelet recipe. What we need and how to cook are shown you below

1.  1 egg
2.  1-tablespoon milk
3.  A pinch of salt
4.  A pinch of powdered pepper
5.  1-tablespoon vegetable oil

Cooking direction:
•  Crack the egg into a bowl.
•  Put milk, salt, and pepper to the egg.
•  Beat the egg until mixed perfectly using a whisk or fork
•  Heat the pan on the stove over medium heat.
•  Spread vegetable oil on the surface of the pan.
•  Pour the egg on the pan and wait until the egg half cooked.
•  Fold the egg into half round and flip it.
•  Wait until the egg fully cooked. Flip if needed.
•  Take the omelet out of the pan and put it on the plate.
•  Serve omelet immediately

Additional directions:
1. You can add various ingredients to the egg mix such as onion, mushroom, vegetable, smoked beef, cheese, etc., to create different taste.
2. You can substitute vegetable oil with other oil or butter.
3. Milk will make the texture smooth. If you do not have milk or do not like milk, you can substitute it with 1-teaspoon of water.

6.    Procedure Text: How to Cook Broccoli

There are several types of procedure text such as how to use, how to make, how wash, how to write, and this how to cook. Today we give you a very short example of procedure text how to cook a recipe. What are we cook now. Well it is about broccoli. Do you like broccoli? Well, I do. Here is the steps to cook it.

How to Cook Broccoli without Damaging the Nutrients
Broccoli is one of the best greenies and it is versatile vegetables because we can find it in the market any time. The price is also cheap. Many green vegetables offer nutrients, but they are unlike broccoli. Unfortunately, broccoli is fragile. The nutrients can be easily damaged if we do not cook it in a right way. There are lots of ways we can do to cook broccoli without losing the nutrients.
Below, we will try to give some ideas on how to cook broccoli without damaging the nutrients. These tricks are coming from experienced chef.

•  The simplest way to cook broccoli is boiling it in salted water. You do not need to spend much time because you just have to wait for about 4 minutes to find the crisp-tender.
•  You can also steam broccoli using a steamer. You need 3 to 5 minutes before serving it.
•  Some people loved to sauce broccoli with olive oil, garlic and pepper. It brings a better flavor.
•  You can also stir-fry broccoli with ginger and garlic for about 3 minutes. To find a different taste, you can try to stir-fry it with bean sauce.
•  To get a tasty broccoli, you can serve it with lemon juice, butter, cheese and a little salt.

7.    Procedure Text: How to Use Electric Oven

It is an instruction text. When You have an electrical equipment, you are provided with an instruction to install and to use. Such type of text is called a procedure text. We have show you how to use GPS in the previous post and here is the other sample!

How to Use Electric Oven
Electric oven is one of the most popular kitchen appliances that help people cooking foods. Electric oven is completed with heating elements that are driven by electricity. It also has buttons to control the temperature and time.
It contains racks upon that are used for placing foods. There are many brands and types of electric oven, but basically all of them can be operated with the same method. It is better for reading the manual before you try to use the oven.
Before using the oven, you need to preheat it. Set the temperature button to the number you want to. Let it heat up for 5 to 10 minutes. There are some ovens that have been given “Preheat” buttons.
Open the door of the oven and put the foods inside. It is better to cook foods in ceramic or glass dishes.
Close the door and set the time. Do not open the door when the oven cooks your foods. You can check the progress of the foods by turning the interior light.
When the timer goes off, you can open the door. Make sure that the foods you cook have been cooked thoroughly. You have to remember that different kind of food may need different time and temperature. So it is better to check before you eat it to make sure that you get the best result.

8.    Procedure Text: How to Cook Fried Rice Easily

Besides how to make and how to use text, an instruction on how to cook is best sample for learning and understanding the definition of procedure text. Here you can learn English text types as well as cooking recipe for a delicious fried rice.

How to Cook Very Easy Fried Rice
Fried rice is easy to cook and become tasteful solution when you do not have much time to prepare your meal. Here is the step by step instruction to cook very easy fried rice.

1.  1 plate serving cooked rice
2.  1 egg
3.  2 meatballs (cut thinly)
4.  1-clove garlic (minced)
5.  1-clove shallot (minced)
6.  2 red chilly (more or less as you like it - minced)
7.  1 green onion (cut thinly)
8.  3-tablespoon sweet soy sauce
9.  2-tablespoon vegetable oil
10.  Salt

How to Cook:
•  Heat frying pan and put oil.
•  Put garlic, onion, and red chilly until smell come out.
•  Crack egg and scramble it.
•  Add meatballs and green onion. Stir it.
•  Add rice and mix well.
•  Add soy sauce and salt. Mix well.
•  Taste a bit to know whether the salt is enough or not.
•  Cook the fried rice for about 5 minutes and stir occasionally.
•  Turn off the heat and put the fried rice on the plate.
•  Serve fried rice with sliced cucumber and tomato.

Note: instead of scramble the egg with the rice, you can cook the egg separately into sunny upside or omelet and serve it on the top of fried rice. You can add more ingredients such as vegetables or meat.

9.    Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker to Steam Foods

Last week week, we have given you a text of how to operate a rice cooker for general purpose. Now it is specially written to use a rice cooker to steam food. Have you known it. Well if you have then please give additional comments to enrich this procedure text. Here is the text sample!
Rice cooker is commonly found in home equipment to cook rice. It can be used to steam foods. Inside the box, you will find steamer to place the food you want to steam. You can steam foods in two ways. First is together with rice cooking while the second is to steam it alone.

Steam Foods while Cooking Rice
•  You can steam foods while cooking rice but only for foods that will be well cooked in the same time with rice cooking for about half hour. To do it you need to follow the instruction below:
•  Prepare the foods you want to steam and prepare the rice as well.
•  Put the rice inside the pan and fill sufficient water.
•  Put the foods inside steamer and place the steamer on the pan properly.
•  Put the pan on the rice cooker body and close the lid.
•  Connect power cord to AC outlet, push the switch to cook, and wait until the rice cooked.
•  Open the lid and take the steamed foods out.

Steam Foods alone
1. Prepare the foods and put it at the steamer.
2. Boil water and pour it to the pan.
3. Put the steamer on the pan.
4. Put the pan on the rice cooking body and close the lid.
5. Plug in power cord, switch on, and let it cook until the foods well steamed.

10.    Procedure Text: How to Make Beaded Bracelet

Again understanding text gives you an example of procedure text. Our sample text today is about how to make a beaded bracelet. Do you know why such text sample is labelled as a procedure text in English genres? Well, such instructional composition is given to show how to make a thing completely.
To make clear, let see the following example of procedure text how to make a beaded bracelet beautifully. Remember, to understand such instructional text easily, you should have a good knowledge background on imperative sentences.  Here we go!
Beaded bracelets are back on trend. If you want to wear special bracelet, make it yourself. Here is how to make beaded bracelet yourself.

Materials and Tools Needed
1. Beads (any color, any size, any shape you like)
2. Jewelry nylon 13-14”
3. 2-pcs Double-cup bead tip
4. 2-pcs clasp
5. 1-pc jump ring
6. 1 bead needle
7. Pliers
8. Charms (optional)
9. Extended chain (optional)

Step-by Step Instructions:
•  Measure your wrist and cut nylon string with about 1 and a half length needed. You need longer nylon for the knot.
•  Thread the string to the needle.
•  Add double-cup bead tip to one of the string’s ends, make double knot, and close the cup using pliers.
•  Thread the beads beautifully. You can add charms in the middle to make it more beautiful.
•  When you get it long enough, measure it on your wrist. Add more beads if it not enough and reduce if it too long.
•  Once you get the desired length, add double-cup bead tip at the end, make double not, and close it. Cut unwanted string.
•  Add clasp at one end and close it using pliers.
•  Add clasp at another end, add jump ring to the clasp, and close the clasp with pliers.

Note: If you want to use extended ring, you need to add it to each clasp before you close it.

11.  Procedure Text: How to Make Decorative Planter in a Jar

understanding text - What is the easy way to identify an procedure text? Literally, it is easy. An example of procedure text always consists 3 elements in the writing structure. They are the goal, material and equipment, and set of steps. Shortly, if a text have those 3 element, then it must be a procedure text.Like our sample about procedure text how to use GPS, the following direction is also written in imperative sentences. What I mean is you should have know well how to form imperative and prohibitive sentences to understand a procedure text in English. Here we give you another example of procedure text about how to make a thing.
Planter in a jar is a good decoration for your desk that brings freshness to the room. It is very easy to make and do not cost much.

Material Needed
1. Glass Jar
2. Spray Paint
3. Fertilized Soil
4. Small flower plant
5. Small rocks or pebbles
6. Water

How to Make It
•  Clean and dry the jar both inner and outer side.
•  Spray the paint in the outer side of the jar. You can paint it half height or overall surface. You can use one color or multi color, as you feel it better.
•  Sit the jar to let the paint dry completely.
•  Put soil into the jar until third quarter of the height.
•  Make a hole in the soil and plant your flower plant. Cover the root of your plant with soil and give a little push so the plant could stand.
•  Sprinkle water to moist the soil.
•  Put small rocks or pebble at the inner line of the jar. Do not cover all surfaces with rocks, just the edge and not the central part.
•  Your planter is ready.

Note: place your planter near window so the plant will get enough sunlight or you need to take the planter out in the morning for one hour or two to get sunlight.

12.    Procedure Text: How to Make Artificial Aquarium Rock

Do you have an artificial aquarium rock? Well understanding text make this topics as example of procedure text. Making an artificial aquarium rock is actually very easy. Besides after learning this steps, you actually has completely learned an example of procedure text about how to. Here we go the sample.
Making our own rocks for aquarium is a fun and easy activity. The price we need is also quite cheap and moreover, we can get the design we wanted. When we want to make aquarium rock, it is suggested to use non-toxic materials. Artificial aquarium rock is also easy to make using specific instructions below.
The first thing we need to prepare is Portland cement that can be found at most hardware stores. Then, we need to mix three parts of fine gravel or play sand with one part cement together. We have to mix those materials into a ball. To make a coral reef rock, we need to add additional fine gravel to the mixture.
Place the rock mold mixture into a container. We need to make a hole that will make it sinks underwater. Plastic or rubber molds can be used if we want to create a specific rock shape. Let the mixture harden for at least 6 weeks.
If we want to have a specific color, we can paint the artificial rock when it has hardened. It is suggested to use a non-toxic paint for the fish safety. Before we put the rock in the aquarium, we have to make sure that there are no excess paint or ingredient chemicals by placing the rock in a child’s pool or bathtub for some minutes.
That's the complete steps to make an artificial aquarium rock. This instruction is a procedure text which is like other samples, how to make an beautiful handkerchief easily, is written in imperative sentences. Do you know how to write an imperative sentence in English. That is easy, right? Happy learning English Online

13.    Procedure Text: How to Make a Handkerchief

Again understanding text give you a very short example of procedure text how to make. Today the topic is how to make a beautiful handkerchief easily. Procedure text is an instruction set to make thing completely. Like our sample previously, how to make bottle rocket, this instructive text is written to show you the steps to make a handkerchief as well as material for learning English Online.
Procedure text about “how to make” is characterized by detail of the tools and materials required at the beginning of the text and continued by step-by-step procedure to make the thing. Sometime, the text is completed with note and tips. Below is the example of how to make text.

How to Make a Handkerchief
1. Cotton fabric
2. Scissors
3. Sewing machine
4. Thread in the same color of the fabric
5. Needles

How to Make
•  Using scissors, cut the fabric into 20 cm x 20 cm (L x W)
•  Fold thinly the edge of the fabric twice and use needle to hold it.
•  Do the same thing with the other edges of the fabric. Pay attention to the corner and make sure it comes clean and uncluttered.
•  Prepare the sewing machine and put the thread.
•  Sew the edges of the fabric carefully.

1. If you do not have sewing machine, you can stitch it using needle. However, be sure you do it carefully and evenly.
2. It would be better if you add embroidery on the handkerchief to make it unique and different.
3. You can use different type of fabric as long as the fabric has smooth surface and could absorb water.
4. You can use thread in contrast color but ensure the color match the fabric.

14.    Procedure Text: How to Make Bottle Rocket

This is an example of procedure text how to make  a bottle rocket. The text is like an instruction. It is written to show how to do thing completely. He re we go the short sample
Chemical reactions happened on everything we found in life. There are certain substances that can produce huge amounts of gas when mixed with other substances. The combination of substance that can produce gas can be used for giving a bottle rocket the power to fly. Creating a plastic bottle rocket is not hard. You just have to provide an acidic substance, such as concentrated lemon juice and alkaline substance, such as baking soda. When those two substances are combined, you will have enough gas to help the plastic bottle fly into the air.

There are some things you need to collect, which are:
1.  plastic bottle
2.  paper towel
3.  lemon juice
4.  baking soda
5.  cork
6.  rubber band
7.  string

How to do:
Fill the plastic bottle with concentrated lemon juice halfway up.
Take a sheet of paper towel and place it on the table.
Put about 4 tablespoons of the baking soda in the middle of the paper towel.
Pull up the sides of the paper towel into a pouch.
Do not forget to wrap it with a rubber band to secure it.
Tape the string onto the end of the cork.
Put the bottle on the ground, slip the paper towel pouch into it and quickly put the cork into the bottle mouth.
The baking soda will be released when the paper towel dissolves. The lemon juice inside the bottle will react with the baking soda. It produces gas that will pop the cork like a small rocket.

15.    Procedure Text: How to Use Walkie-Talkie

This is a very rare example of procedure text. Most of text sample you get when search on the Internet is about how to use rice cooker, how to use washing machine, or how to use microwave. Walkie-talkie is  a communicative device to connect people in distance. How to use it, learn from the sample below

How to Use Walkie-Talkie
Two-way radio transceivers or walkie-talkies have been used since World War II. Though Smartphone has come and brings more features, but walkie-talkie still exists and is commonly used for recreational, professional and as kid’s toy. Today’s walkie-talkies also bring some new features and designs, so it is better for us to know the new features and technology before we use it.
The first thing we need to consider is the purpose of the walkie-talkie is it for recreational use or intercom. By knowing the purpose, we will know what type of walkie-talkie we have to buy.
We also need to update ourselves on the new technologies offered by walkie-talkie. Some walkie-talkies have been given compass device, belt clips, holsters and even weather channels.
Consider about the distance we will cover with it. If we just want to use it in a close range, two miles model would be the best option. But, if we want to cover long range, we can choose the 5 mile.
It is better to communicate on a multi-user compatibility system. We can consider a high quality and versatile radio receiver if we want to communicate with many users.
It is important for us to learn about code and voice scrambler because usually users will use it for personalizing messages. Some products offer 14 channels with sub-channels that can be used for communicating with limited users who have the same sub-channels. Read the manual to understand how to operate the device and watch what we are saying because other people can hear what we say.

16.    Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker

We have show you how to operate an electrical oven for learning procedure text. Again, one of the electrical equipment is rice cooker. Have you know how to operate it? If you have, can you write the steps and tell your friends? Surely you can.
Rice cooker is very common kitchen appliance. However, it is important for you to know how to use it right so you can cook the rice deliciously and avoid trouble.

How to Use Rice Cooker
1.  Put your rice cooker in clean and dry place near AC outlet.
2.  Using measuring cup provided in the package, measure the rice you want to cook. Make sure you cook sufficient rice that meets capacity of the rice cooker. You can check it on the marking in the inner side of the pan. The marking is actually level indicator of water needed but it is also useful to know capacity of the pan. The smallest number is the minimum amount of rice and the highest number is the maximum amount.
3.  Wash your rice in separate bowl and drain it.
4.  Put the rice on the rice cooker pan.
5.  Add water as the water level indicator inside the pan.
6.  Dry out the outer side of the pan and place it inside the rice cooker body. Close the lid until hear “clicks” that show the lid locked properly.
7.  Plug the power cord to AC outlet and you will see the warm lamp indicator turn on.
8.  Press down the switch until the cook lamp turn on.
9.  Wait until the switch pop up and the lamp turn to warm.
10.  Wait for about 15 without opening the lid and your rice would be ready to serve.

17.    Procedure Text Example, How to Use an Ink Printer

A text of how to use is one type of procedure text, which explains how to operate or simply use an equipment in systematical way. In “how to use” text, the type of the equipment is usually described specifically because similar equipment with different type may have different procedure to use it.
Below is the example of “how to use ink printer”, not all printers, but specifically printer using ink. Remember a procedure text is written in imperative sentences so you have to be very familiar with such imperative and prohibitive sentences.

How to Use an Ink Printer
• Install printer’s driver on the PC
• Connect the printer to PC via USB
• Plug in printer’s power cord.
• Turn on the printer by pressing power button
• Check whether the printer has been connected to the PC
• Check ink level of each cartridge
• Put paper on the printer according to printer guidance
• Open printer properties on the PC and run printing test.
• Once the test run without problem, you can start to print the document or photo you want by pressing the printing button.
• You can change printer setting from printing menu
• Perform printer maintenance at least once a month to prevent clog

Note: Commonly, ink printer is refillable. You can refill the cartridge using specific refill ink that recommended by printer manufacturer. For color cartridge, make sure you refill the color ink correctly.

18.    Short Example of Procedure Text - How to Use GPS

GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites that are designed to be able to provide the instant position, velocity and time information in almost any place on Earth, at any time and in any weather conditions.
While the tools to receive satellite signals that can be used by users in General called a GPS Tracker or GPS Tracking, by using this tool it is possible the user can track the position of the vehicle, car or fleet in a State of Real Time.
3 important parts in a GPS system. The third part consists of: GPS Control Segment (part controls), the GPS Space Segment (space), and the GPS User Segment (the users).
We are now not talking much on the GPS but how to use that GPS as a procedure text for learning English. Here we go!

How to use GPS in your phone
1. Slide to the navigation tab on the home screen!
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to subscribe
3. After login on to the service, tap back to continue
4. Touch the icon that best describe what you want to do; Drive to, Search, Maps and traffic, or Share and more

Please, remember, most procedure texts are written in instructive mode so the sentence use are imperative sentences. Happy learning!

19.    Procedure Text How to Clean Swimming Goggle

The previous English text how to wear swimming goggle showed you an example of procedure text how to wear. Now we are learning a procedure text how to clean. We start it with the instruction to clean swimming goggle correctly. Why should we clean our sport equipment like swimming goggle?
Sweat, salt water and chlorine are some elements that can stick to the swimming goggles and make them dirty. You have to know that the debris can easily damage the lenses and affect your vision under water. That is why; cleaning the swimming goggles correctly after you use it is something important to do. It helps you find a clear vision under water as well as preserves the life of the swimming goggle.

Steps to clean swimming goggle correctly as example of procedure text. There are two methods you can use to clean swimming goggle, which are:
Method 1 using cold water: Using cold water to clean your swimming goggle is the best method. It does not spend too much time, because your swimming goggle can be cleaned within just 3 minutes. If you wash your swimming goggle after you use it, it helps prevent residue buildup, especially from chlorine and salt water. When washing the goggle, do not use detergent or soap because those substances can damage the lenses and make it foggy. Touch the lenses smoothly to make sure that the anti-fog coating does not rub-off.
Method 2 use dry cleaning: Before you store the swimming goggle, you have to dry it thoroughly. If you keep it wet and then store it, it can lead to bacteria and mold to grow. Lay the goggle on a clean dry towel. Do not put it under the direct sunlight because it can damage the plastic or the elastic band. Store the goggle in a protective case.

20.    Procedure Text - How To Wear a Neck Tie

The example of procedure text bellow is the instruction on how to tie a neck tie. Remember that a procedure or instruction text is commonly arranged in imperative sentences. Let's see the following example of a procedure text. This procedure or instruction text is about how to tie a neck tie, the half windsor knot

How to Tie a Neck Tie
First of all, start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 12" below the narrow end.
Secondly, cross the wide end over the narrow, and back underneath.
Then, bring the wide end up, and turn down through loop.
After that, pass the wide end around to the front from your left to right.
Then, bring the wide end up through the loop.
Finally, pull the wide end through the knot in front. Tighten and draw up to collar.

21.    Example Procedure Text: Easy Recipes for Dinner

This is another example of procedure text. A procedure text is commonly written in imperative mode. It is the most useable text for daily conversation. Procedure text is a text which is used as instruction, or direction commonly found in daily activities. Such instruction can be an instruction to cook. The easy recipes dinner is best example of a procedure text.
Remember, a procedure text is composed under generic structure of Goal, material or ingredient, and the steps completely to do. The following example of easy recipes for dinner is arranged according to the generic structure of a procedure text

Procedure Text - How to Make Super Easy Fish Sticks
The ingredient you need:
1. Cooking spray    
2. 1/2 cup whole wheat bread crumbs    
3. 1/2 teaspoon paprika
4. 1/2 teaspoon plus more kosher salt  
5. 1 large egg
6. 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper
7. 8 ounces tilapia or cod fillets

After you get the ingredients you need to cook easy fish stick, you need to do the following steps:
First of all, preheat oven to 400°F. Line a baking sheet and lightly spray with cooking spray
Second, combine the bread crumbs, paprika, and ½ teaspoon salt on a shallow plate. Then beat the egg with a fork. After that set the two dishes aside.
Third, cut the fish into several stick shapes. Season with salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Dredge the fish and transfer the fish to the prepared baking sheet and lightly coat with cooking spray. Bake in the preheated oven for 8-10 minutes or until the crumbs are lightly browned and firm.

22.  Procedure Text How to Wear Belt Nicely

Like other procedure text how to wear, such as how to wear diving watch, the instruction below is about a procedure to wear a belt. As stated in the definition of procedure text, most sentences used in any  instruction texts are imperative or prohibition text. So there should be realized that understanding a procedure text need  good understanding on imperative and prohibitive sentences.
For most men, belt is a very important part of formal and semi-formal dress codes. It is also an essential fashion accessory for style. There are so many types of men’s belts in the market.  However, the most important thing actually is the way we wear it because if we do not use it properly then we will be unable to appear perfectly.

Instruction on How to Wear Belt as Example of Procedure text
Before wearing belt, it is better to identify the occasion. Semi-formal to formal occasion will always need a belt. For such occasion, the best option is wearing leather. For casual or daily wear, it is better to choose belt that is made from cloth or other casual material. For semi-formal to formal occasion, it is suggested to wear leather or other classy materials.
Choose the right color. For dark colored pant, the best color is black. For khaki and other variety of brown, we can wear a brown belt. If we wear jeans, we can choose any color since denim is a general material. Try to match the color and do not bring a contrast combination.
We have to make sure that the belt we wear is wrapped perfectly through all belt loops. Secure the belt by placing the belt tail end into the buckle and secure it with fastener.

23.    Example of Procedure Text in Installing SIM Card

A guide to install a tool or equipment can be categorized as a procedure text. Most of the guides are written in imperative sentences as the center of the  guidance. See below the installation of SIM card into the phone. Cellphone is a modern communication device which connects one to the others by voice, written message and data. However this device can not work until the SIM card is inserted.

How to insert SIM Card Cellphone
When inserting the SIM Card to cellphone, make sure that the cellphone has been switched off and follow the direction bellow:
First of all, press the locking catch and slide the cover then lift it off the phone.
After that, push two catches in the opposite directions and remove the battery.
Next, slide the SIM card carefully into the slot and make sure that the golden connect arson are facing to the connector of the phone.
Then, put the battery and align it until snaps into its place.
Finally, insert the two catches of the back cover corresponding slot in the phone and slide the cover forward button of the phone until locks into place
Don't forget to switch on the cellphone. Wait until it is ready to use.

24.    Procedure Text How to Wear Diving Watch While Diving

Last time we have give you an example of procedure text how to wear high heels. Now we are learning another example of procedure text how to wear diving watch. Do you like extreme sport? Have you ever got diving. How do you fee when you are getting diving? Do you wear a diving watch. Here is the instruction to wear it correctly!

How to Wear Diving Watch While Diving
Diving watch is designed with waterproof and corrosion-proof quality to withstand seawater. However, every device has limitation when they can work best. The following is a guideline to wear diving watch when you dive.
•  Check specification on the watch to know how deep you can go underwater. Each watch has different ability to withstand water pressure so make sure you check it out. Do not dive more than the maximum depth.
•  Each watch has different function. Check it out to know what your watch can do.
•  Check the strap and make sure no broken part on it.
•  Check the functions, including time reading, bezel, and light.
•  Wear the watch on your wrist properly and comfortably.
•  Before you go into water, turn the bezel until the “zero” number is on the opposite of the minutes hand to know elapsed time.
•  While diving, use the functions you need.
•  After you finish diving, take off the watch.
•  Clean your watch under running water to get rid the remaining seawater and possible minerals stick in the watch. If needed, you may use soft bush to get rid stubborn dirt that may stick on your watch while you diving.
•  Once you finish cleaning, dry the watch using soft cloth or tissue.
•  You can wear your watch again after you clean your wrist or you can store it at clean and dry place.

25.  Procedure Text How to Wear High Heels Correctly

Besides procedure text how to wear kebaya as traditional clothes, now we learn a procedure text how to wear  high heels. Do you like wearing high heels? How do you wear them. Here is the instruction to wear high heel correctly as well as learn English procedure text.

How to Wear High Heels Correctly as Procedure Text
High heels are beautiful but it could harm your feet and back if you do not wear it right. Below is instruction to wear high heels right.
•  Make sure you wear the right size. Too small size will give too much pressure to your feet and make your feet hurt while too big size will trouble your balance.
•  In order to prevent scratch on your skin, wear stocking with your high heels.
•  Do not stand continuously more than half hour while wearing your high heels. You need resting between standing. Sit for at least 10 minutes to rest your feet before you stand again. It would be better if you take off your high heels for a while to give full rest to your feet.
•  Do not lift heavy stuff while wearing high heels because it could put too much pressure on your spine.
•  Do not run with high heels. Walk carefully and ensure you get the balance.
•  If you feel too much stress or pain on your feet or your back, immediately take off the heels and rest your body. Do not wear high heels again until the pain is gone completely. If you insist to wear high heels when your feet or back is in pain, it could lead to severe injury.

Those are 25 examples of procedure text on various how to texts

. Learning this kind of text should add more understanding about explanation texts. Both of the text types have the same goal, that is making clear explanation on how things are formed.

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