10 Examples of Biographical Recount Text

 A text types which is called recount can be a personal experiences, historical recount text, or this  biographical recount text. A personal recount text is written in the themes, such as recount text holiday in Jakarta or recount text about stay at home. Today we are giving you some examples of biographical recount text about some famous people.

This biography recount text varies from national hero to an international artists. The biography recount text is studied in high school especially in the class 10. In the curriculum 2013, some materials for learning English are grouped into three main courses. They are types of text, functional text, and transactional interpersonal conversation.

This recount text about biography is good to be used to text how far your reading comprehension and general knowledge. This recount text biography is filled with some famous people. There are a recount text biography, especially a recount text biography of Indonesian hero such as Soekarno and Hatta. This  topics of war heroes of Indonesia can be a national hero or Indonesian female heroes. There are many examples of recount text biography of Indonesian hero below

1.  Recount Text: Biography of Dewi Sartika, Indonesian Education Heroine

As stated in the definition of recount text that this kinds of English text can be about short biography of famous persons. Because Dewi Sartika is one of famous heroine, it is the best topic to learn recount text in high schools. How is a recount text about short biography arranged? Here is the sample! This is one of national heroes of indonesia. She is marked as one of Indonesian heroes due to her struggle for Indonesia in the past. Dewi Sartika biography can be used as a reading material for learning recount text, especially the biographical recount of famous person. There are other topics like this such as short biography Cut Nyak Dien, Kartini biography. The topic  as the biography of Cut Nyak Dien is good at giving student's  understanding for other topics of famous people like recount text biography about BJ Habibie.

Short Biography of Dewi Sartika
Dewi Sartika was the leading figure for the education for Indonesia women. She was born on 4 December 1884 and died on 11 September 1947. The most important acts she made were when she founded the first school for women. Because of it, she was acknowledged formally as National Hero in 1966.
Dewi Sartika was born in Cicalengka on 4 December 1884 in the aristocratic Sundanese family. Her father is R. Rangga Somanegara and her mother is R. A. Raja pemas. According to some biographies, as a child, Dewi Sartika often pretended to be a teacher. He studied in the Dutch School. She lived with her uncle after her father died and then received Sundanese education culture there. In 1899 she decided to move to Bandung.
She founded Sekolah Isteri on 16 January 1904 in Bandung. The school took place at Badung Regency’s Pendopo but then relocated to Ciguriang Street. In the new location, the name of the school was changed to Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri. In 1912, the school became so popular and had nine branches in West Java. In 1920, all cities in West Java have one school. However, the school changed its name in September 1929 to Sekolah Raden Dewi.

2.  Recount Text: Biography of Leonardo da Vinci

Last week we have an example of recount text about biography of Dewi Sartika as Indonesian heroine. Now we give you an English recount text material about biography of famous artist. That is Leonardo da Vinci. Do you know who is the famous painters in the world? May be Leonardo da Vinci is stated as one of them. Here is the short biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. As it is a short biography example for learning English text types,  the result after learning this text is knowing an example of biography text with generic structure.

Short Biography of Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian polymath who was born in 15 April 1452 and died 2 may 1519. He was famous because of his interest on many areas, including architecture, sculpting, music, science, engineering, mathematics, anatomy, literature and many more. He is also the man who has been called as the father of iconology, architecture and paleontology. Some experts on aeronautic said that Leonardo da Vinci was the man who firstly put the foundation of helicopter, parachute and tank.
Many scholars and historians regard the Italian man as the prime exemplar of the Renaissance man, unquenchable curiosity, feverishly inventive imagination and Universal Genius. Leonardo da Vinci was educated in the studio belonged to Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. Much of his life was spent in Milan to serve Ludovicoil Moro. Later, he them moved to Rome, Venice and Bologna and spent his last years in France.
Many people recognized Leonardo da Vinci as a great painter. Mona Lisa is the most popular portrait he made and maybe the most expensive art collection in the world. Besides creating portrait and invented many things, Leonardo also creating religious painting, the most famous is of course The Last Supper. There are no such genius artists in the world who can replace Leonardo da Vinci.

3.  Recount Text Biography of Albert Einstein

Recount text is commonly labeled as non-fiction writing. It is one of kind text genres, beside of narrative, spoof and others. Recount text can be a found in many ways to write a biography. The following is an example of recount text about the written account of famous scientist life, Albert Einstein

Short Biography of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born near the end of the 1800s in Ulf, Germany. He graduated from the University of Zurich in Switzerland at age 26. That was also when he did his famous work in physics. Fourteen years later he won the Nobel Prize for Physics.
For the next ten years he lived in Germany and traveled a lot to talk to other scientists. Then in the early 1930s he had to leave Germany because of Hitler and the Nazi party. He moved to the United States. From that time until his death he lived in Princeton, New Jersey. He died at the age of 74.

4.  Recount Text: Biography of Sukarno, Indonesian First President

Learning English recount text can be about recounting personal experiences and short biography of famous persons. That's it is we are learning today. President Soekarno is considered as a great man in the world. Do you know how did he struggle for Indonesia independence? Here is his short biography for learning English text!

Biography of Sukarno, Indonesian First President
Sukarno was the first president of Indonesia. He was born in 6 June 1901 and died in 21 June 1970. He led his country to fight against Netherlands and the man who proclaimed the independence. Sukarno was a prominent leader of nationalist movement during the colonial period. He spent more than a decade under the detention before released by the Japanese force.
Ir. Sukarno and all his nationalist fellows collaborated to collect support in spreading nationalist ideas. When Japan surrender the Indonesian independence was declared by Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta on 17 August 1945. At the same time, Sukarno was appointed as the president and Mohammad Hatta as vice president. After became president, Sukarno had to fight once again against resisting Dutch re-colonization efforts.
After parliamentary democracy chaos in 1957, Sukarno put an autocratic system called Guided Democracy. It successfully ended the rebellions and instability which were threatening the country. In the early 1960s, Sukarno brought the country to the Soviet by giving protection and support to the Indonesian Communist Party. Unfortunately, the 30 September movement in 1965 ended the communist era and Sukarno’s position as president was replaced by Suharto, the man who became president for 32 years. After Suharto in charged, Sukarno was exiled to Bogor and spent the rest of his life there.

Note: Do you know that president Soekarno often wore kopya or peci, a black head cover? How it is look like, learn a descriptive text about peci. Hopefully you enjoy learning English text Online.

5.  Recount Text in Monolog - Biography of Jenny

Recount text is a kind of English text that is frequently used to tell a story of one's life journey. Basically, recount text is any text that explores the events experienced by a person (without a lot of exploring problems or conflict in the incident). Because the emphasis is on events that occurred or personal experience traversed by someone then that is a good understanding of the text recount must be equipped with the knowledge of simple past tense was good as well. The Example recount text is mostly in the form of essays, but actually if you look at the competence of English, then this recount text form can also be a monologue as a listening exercise (if supplied MP3nya audio files) or as a source to learn speaking. Well for those who are looking for example recount text in the form of a monologue, here is the example!

Monolog Biography of Jenny
Hello, I'm Jenny. I am Tim's wife. We have been married for almost eleven years. I met Tim when we were both at university. I studied physics while Tim studied business management. We graduated from Cardiff University in 1989 and went to live in Birmingham. We got married in 1993 at Lincoln cathedral. i took a one-year post-graduate teaching course, then got a job teaching high school science at Lincoln.
We moved to Nottingham in 1996 where Lisa was born. I remember that she was a very fat baby, but a happy one! My mum helped us with looking after the baby in the first year, before she had to go into the nursing home in Manchester. She wanted to move to a home in Manchester Because that is where my two older sisters and their families live. Often we go to visit - when I can get Tim to drive us up there! i do not drive. i took some lessons when I was a student in Cardiff but i found driving on the roads quite frightening and Gave up! Perhaps one day I will try again.
About two years after we had Lisa, James was born. He was born at St. Patrick's hospital in Nottingham. It seems like it was only last week. I can not believe he's already at school.

Why English monologue above can be considered a form of recount text? How to test a written form of the easiest is to look at the composition of the paragraphs in forming a unified whole text.

6.  Recount Text: Biography of Biography of Walt Disney

Last week we have recount text about President Soekarno. We have also given you short biography of Dewi Sartika for learning English recount text. Now this biography of Walt Disney is another best text sample to understand what and how a recount text is. Here is the whole text!

Biography of Biography of Walt Disney
Walt Disney was born with the name Walter Elias Disney on December 5th, 1901 at Chicagos Hermosa Community Area. His father was Elias Charles Disney and his mother was Flora Call Disney. Walt Disney was Irish-Canadian descendant from his father and German-English descendant from his mother.
Walt Disney is well known as co-founder of The Walt Disney Company and as cultural icon that hardly matched by others. He was the animator who created Mickey Mouse and many others Disney famous characters. He was also successful film producer, voice actor, and entrepreneur. His voice acting works were including the original voice of Mickey Mouse. Disneyland and Disney resort were started from his innovation.
Walt Disney was very influential person in entertainment industry, especially Hollywood animation industry. His works in American animation and entertainment industry brought him 59 nominations in Academy Awards that he won 22 of them and 4 honorary Academy Awards. He also won 7 Emmy Awards and much more awards.
Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California after long fight with lung cancer, leaving myriad legacy. Many of his legacies are still remembered and enjoyed by people, including hundreds of animated films, theme parks, animation studio, and the company. Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts) is also the legacy of Walt Disney.

7.  Recount Text: Short Biography of PSY Gangnam

There is news that Gangnam Style will be displayed in Jakarta. Who idolize, would know who sings it. Writing a biography mostly using text recount structure. This time we learn through example recount text a brief biography PSY. Besides the form of writing a biography, recount text  is usually found in the form of diary, track record life experience is also known by the term personal narrative. Well just following are example recount text in the form of a biography.

Biography of PSY Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style is now famous in the wold. Do you know the man behind it? He is Park Jae-sang and known as PSY.
He was born on Desember 31 1977 at Gangnam District , Seoul, South Korea. He was grown up among bussines family members. His father is an executive chairman of manufacturing company and his mother is owner of several restaurants.
Park Jae-sang  got  his elementary education from Banpo and continued his study to Middle Schools and Sehwa High School. After graduated from high school, in 1996, Park flew to United Stated to study business administration at Boston University. He was a student there for only one semester because he dropped out of Boston University after he attended an English-language course in Summer. Leaving business administration field, he studied music at Berkley College of Music but soon he dropped out of Barklee College too.
Park Jae-sang  returned to South Korea without having university degree and pursued carrier as singer. He rleases his first album Psy from the Psycho World! in 2001. Because of the inappropriate content, he was fined by South Korean government authorities. In 2002 he had the second album Sa 2 but again he was banned. In 2006 he got his fourth album Sa Jib. At that time he won honors at Hong Kong's Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Park Jae-sang  got his big success in 2012 when he released his sixth album Psy 6. The song Gangnam Style appeared in broadcasting and newspapers outside Asia. Gangnam Style ranked first on YouTube and soon became the global superstar.

That example of recount text about the biography of the famous singer. Besides we know better about singers idol, it  also hopefully can help who are learning English.

8.  Recount text  Short Biography of Kurt Cobain

What and How is recount text? Recount text is a text which list and describe one's experiences by retelling events in the order in which they happened
Recount text can found in the way of a biography is written. A biography conveys details about a person's life or about an episode in their life. See the following example of recount text about the life of someone.

Short Biography of Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and the guitarist of an American grunge band called Nirvana. He was born in Aberdeen, Washington, on 20 February 1967.
When Cobain was eight years old, his parents divorced. This divorce gave bad impact on his life. At his fourteenth birthday, his uncle gave him a guitar as the gift. Since that, he began work on his own songs. He and his friend, Krist Novoselic usually practiced music in the upstairs room of a salon own by Novoselic`s mother.
In 1986, they formed a grunge band named Nirvana. Cobain was the vocalist as well as guitarist and Novoselic played bass. They released their first album titled Bleach in 1989. In 1991 they released the second album, Never mind. It was their greatest album which made them a kind of popular superstar. This album included popular songs like Smell Like Teen Spirit, About A Girl, Come as You Are, In Bloom and Lithium.
However the popularity was intimidating to Cobain. He began addicted to drugs and became worse, even he overdosed on heroin. On March 30, he went to a rehabilitation but ran away. He was reported missing for a few days. Then on 8 April 1994, he was found dead in his house in Lake Washington. He had shot himself.

9.  Recount Text Biography of Marion Barber

I have posted an example of recount text about retelling a terrible experience. And this is another recount text in a biography, a short written account of a Dallas Cowboys starter

Biography of Marion Barber
Marion Barber was born on June 9, 1983, and growing up in Minnesota. He attended Wayzata High School in Minnesota, and excelled in football, baseball, and track. Then, he attended the University of Minnesota, where he majored in Business Marketing.
In his college football career, Marion Barber would earn myriad honors and broke numerous records to boot. Marion Barber’s 3,276 yards and 14 100-yard rushing games ranked third in Minnesota Golden Gophers history.
Marion Barber hit the big time when the Dallas Cowboys selected him as the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Fans with Dallas Cowboys tickets watched Marion Barber emerge as a starter, rushing for 95 yards against the Seattle Seahawks and 127 yards against the Arizona Cardinals, which was the first 100-yard rushing game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. He and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a six-year contract extension worth $45 million. His stats will continue to improve and impress his teammates, coaches, and fans with Dallas Cowboys tickets.

10.  Recount Text: Biography of Bung Hatta

Biography is a life-story about a person in detail description. Biography consists of basic facts such as date of birth, education, and death as well as experiences and sometime personality analysis of the person. Usually, the person is famous or very important person because many people want to know the detail life story of the person. Biography written by the person himself or herself is called autobiography. Below is the example of short biography of very important person in Indonesia.
Learning recount text can be about personal experiences like you first impression when you go to school, delivering your first presentation, and having the first day in the job. Additionally, besides personal experiences, the topic of recount text can be about recounting a famous person's life. That is a short biography. It is what we are giving you today.

Biography of Bung Hatta
Bung Hatta is one of “The Proclamators” of Indonesia Independence. Born with full name Mohammad Hatta on 12 August 1902 at Fort de Kock, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, and Bung Hatta played important roles in Indonesian strive for Independence. He is well-educated person that strive not with physical power but used intelligent instead.
After the independence day of Indonesia, Mohammad Hatta became the first vice president of the country and became prime minister later on. He continued to build the country with his efforts and thoughts.
Bung Hatta died at the age 77 on 14 March 1980 at Jakarta, Indonesia. He was buried at Tanah Kusir public cemetery at Jakarta. To honor his name and Soekarno as the independence proclamators, Indonesia’s biggest airport at Cengkareng is named Soekarno-Hatta.

That are the examples of biography text. A recount of biography should written in the generic structure as general recount text. They are an orientation, series of event, and completed with a reorientation. Learning this kind of text will give double benefits. First is increasing knowledge of reading comprehension and the second benefit is adding some knowledge relating the text content.

If you are given a task with a command like "please give an example of recount text about important figure" then this short biography in biographical recount sample is helpful to make some guides what and how a biographical recount text is. The above biographical recount text example is written to show
what biography text is and how biography text structure is arranged. The example of biographical recount text can be a short biography text or a long one but the point is how the example of biography text is arranged based on the generic structure of recount text biography as stated above. That is all about a recount text example.

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