11 Examples of News Item Text with Complete Generic Structure

 Beside analytical exposition, students in high school should study a news item text. When you read what is going on around you in a newspaper and magazine, in fact you have studied an example of news item. The new item text is written to show the daily happening in surroundings.
The news item can be very effective way in spreading news. Meanwhile for student it can helps a lot in understanding English text. All news item example should be arranged with three basic elements. They are newsworthy, background events, and news sources. 

The theme of a news item text example can be various. We can read a news item text about economy, news item text about healthy, or news item text example about funny news.  After understanding the definition and the purpose of a news item text and the generic structure, students should continue to learn the language features of news item. Learning a news item text some time deals with a 5w 1h news item. They stand for 5 WHAT questions and 1 HOW question which are essentially used in applying the language features news item.

example of news item text with generic structure

 What and how is news item text? The following news is best sample for news item as it is arranged in the generic structure order; news worthy event, background event, and source. Here is the best news item text.


1.  News Item Text - Worker Buried Under Pineapples

This post is an odd, funny, strange news. It is not only a spoof text which can be funny but a news item text too. No more talking, let's see the following example of short funny news item text!

A Worker was Buried in Pineapples
news item text about worker buried under pineapples
There was a man working at a warehouse. When he was doing his job, he was buried on 1500 pounds of pineapple.
The identity of the worker was not reported. Though he got that accident, he was not injured but he was sent to a hospital.
The accident happened when the worker was unloading boxes of pineapple from shipping container. The stack toppled over as result more than one thousand pounds of pineapple buried him.
The New York Daily News reported that the worker was  39 years old. While he was unloading pineapples from the ship, he got the accident.

That is an odd news. Poor him but it keeps odd and funny. Well now we are going to talk about the generic structure.
1. Newsworthy event: A man buried in pineapple when he was working
2. Background events: The worker's name was not known. He was injured but kept to sent to hospital. The man got accident when he was working unloading the pineapple from the ship container.
3. Sources: New York Daily News' report can be a source of this news item text that the man is 39 year old.

That is all our news item to day. Hopefully we get better understanding what a news item text is.


2. Example of News Item Text about Landslide

This is another example of news item text. For more news item samples, read news item label. The news item text below is about natural disaster,

Landslide in Bukittinggi
Two people died while four others were wounded in a landslide at a yard behind a house near Teleng market in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra on Tuesday.
Killed were 3-year-old Yusuf, who was the son of a kiosk owner at the market, Bujang, and 22-year-old Meli, who was a visitor to the market. The injured were rushed to the Achmad Muchtar and Yarsi hospitals.
Bukittinggi Deputy Mayor Ismet Amziz said Tuesday it was suspected that recent heavy rainfall had caused the landslide.

Source: thejakartapost.com/news/2009/11/10/two-die-bukittinggi-landslide.html

Generic Structure of News Item
1. Main event: News item text presents the daily newsworthy. In this example of news item text, the first paragraph is the main event. It informs the reader that a landslide happened
2. Elaboration: The second paragraph of this example of news item gives further explanation about the main event that the two victim were 3 and 22 years old while the injured were brought to hospitals
3. Source of information: The last paragraph is the official statement from the expert or the authority which strengthen the news of the main event.

3. News Item Text & Generic Structure: Sidewalk Skiing Taking Off In Saudi

This is another example of news item text. This news is written to describe how a text which students of high schools learn is arranged. This news is about car sport which most people seems extreme, weird, and odd. Now let's read it!

Saudi Men Have Cars Driven on Two Wheels
In Saudi Arabia, there is a new racing car which is called sidewalk skiing. It is really crazy race. The car is driven on two wheels.
When the car is being flipped onto two wheels by the driver,  the passengers cling on outside. This Arabian craze of 'sidewalk skiing' is bringing new extreme meaning to the term 'off-road.  That extreme motor sport is flocking to the desert in the northern city of Hail. Because there are open roads in Saudi Arabia's desert, they  provide an ideal location for the extreme car racing.
A group of young Saudi men who like this extreme car sport call themselves the Impossible Group.

If it is labeled as news item, what is the generic structure?
Well, this short text is arranged to fulfill the 3 element of news item's structure. They are:
1. Newsworthy event: Extreme car sport on two wheels
2. Background events: The car is driven and flipped on 2 wheels. The extreme car sport brings new meaning to the off road sport. The sport happens in the city of Hail.
3. Sources: The stuntmen of the car sport call themselves as the impossible group

That's all for this post. Hopefully you keep enjoy learning news item text. Besides you are learning English text, you also know the odd and strange news from around the world.

4.  News Item Text withGeneric Structure: Deer Flying Through Bus Window

Understanding text helps to learn English, presents one more example of English text news about unique events, strange but true. This text type known by the name NEWS ITEM TEXT (text clippings)
News text in English language learning in the category type narrative text, where the text is intended to preach and retell an event (event). Especially for the text of the news (news item) itself aims reported events that are newsworthy (newsworthy) that occurred in the previous day. Because at the time of writing the text of this news item, the events have occurred around the time before, then mostly a news item in the style of writing, Simple Past tenses. Let's look at the following example!

Deer Flying Through Window Of Moving Bus
On Tuesday, a dramatic accident happened when a deer crashed through a bus wind screen in in the Johnstown. The deer was hopping around inside before it stepped off.
The unusual accident happened when a bus was having its routine journey in the area of Pennsylvania. There was only one passenger who was sitting in the back row in the bus.
When it was reported, no one was was injured in the accident. Transport authorities said that the driver of the bus then opened the door and the deer jumped out.

Generic Structure of News Item Text
Now we will discuss the structural pattern to arrange paragraphs of text in English. This pattern in the Glossary text type, called a generic structure. Any pattern drafting a paragraph of text that news item? We see below:
1. Newsworthy events: What and How is the main event? text in the text above the paragraph 1 described as follows: A deer crashed over bus wind screen
2. Background events: It is simply supporting the events described in the text proficiency level. Paragraph 2 shows that: The unusual event happened when the bus was moving with one passenger. The deer flew into the bus, hopped around inside and stepped off
3. Source: Every story must have a source, could be the perpetrator of events, witness or authorized persons. In this example clearly mentioned: The authority said that the driver had to open the door of the bus to the make the deer Jumped out

That example text English language news (news item text) unique category, odd, not common but does occur, it is also equipped with a rudimentary analysis of the generic Structure or pattern to arrange paragraphs as example text English news before it becomes a good text. There is a shortage or a mistake, let me know your comment. Come together to learn the English language text.


5.  News Item Text and Generic Structure - Firefighter Run Over By Firetruck

Today we have a post of news item sample. Do you still remember what is the definition of news item text? A text with newsworthy event of the day is called a news item text. This text is often found in news paper, magazine, etc.
The following example of news item text is very weird. How did it come? A firefighter was run over by his own fire engine. Further, he was in bear costume when the fire truck run over him. Let's see the text below!

Firefighter in Bear Dress Run Over by Fire Engine
A firefighter dressed as a bear was run over by a firetruck Saturday during a family-friendly festival in the
Torrington Carnival is a parade and festival held each May in Torrington. Justin Matthews, the firefighter, was walking in front of a fire engine during a parade at the Torrington Carnival when he reportedly became tangled in the vehicle's wheel, causing him to suffer a broken leg.
Graham Rook, the fire station manager, told the North Devon Journal. "Somehow or another he got caught up with the front wheel of the appliance in the carnival."

Well, do you know why the short text is best as example of news item text? Any news item text should have elements of  Newsworthy event, Background event, and Source. Before we are going to go further, let's see the translation of that sample in case some of you find difficult vocabularies of the text

News Item Text: Generic Structure
After reading the translation, we see that the text fulfills the elements of news item's structure. Let's make it clear and shortly written
1. Newsworthy event: A firefighter run over by his own truck
2. Background event: The accident happened in Torrington Carnaval. The firefighter was walking in front of the truck which led to the incident.
3. Source: The manager of fire station asked that it happened

That's all the short sample of weird news item text. Hopefully you like learning English. If you don't, find the material or  learning activity which attract you most.
This sample of news item text and the illustrative picture is taken and arranged from www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/09/justin-matthews-firefighter-dressed-bear-run-over_n_3247549.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news

6.  Example News Item Text Camp Rock 2 The final Jam

News item text or text is a text that brings daily news or events that happen around us. For those who are learning the English language in high schools, this is the best complete example news item text. Some of this collection are given with generic structure.
To recall the generic structure, read the previous post what and how is news item text? Essentially a news item text brings the news about what is happening around us. The incident should be news worthy (newsworthy, newsworthy). For more details, see the following sample!

Camp Rock 2 The final Jam will Premieres on Disney Channel
It was announced on Tuesday that Disney Channel movie with tourmate Demi Lovato, "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," will premiere on September 3 at 8 p.m. ET.
On July 27, long before they watch the sequel to the 2008 flick, fans can pick up the soundtrack, featuring 15 original songs that a press release promises will span genres from hip-hop to rock to pop.
The flick will not only have more summer lovin' between real-life couple Lovato and Joe Jonas as Mitchie and Shane, but there will also be a little friendly rivalry between the Camp Rockers and a group of musicians at another summer camp, Camp Star, including a love interest for Nick Jonas, played by Chloe Bridges.
The JoBros promise the movie's music will be every bit as entertaining as its plot, which has been kept a secret since the movie was shot. "The songs are really cool," Joe told MTV News.

Note: This example of news item text is taken from mtv.com

The Analysis of Generic Structure
News item text which is composed daily news has generic structure; newsworthy event, background, and source. As the news item about Camp Rock 2 premiere bellow, we can see the generic structure.
1. Newsworthy event is what event happened which considered as newsworthy. Commonly newsworthy event is place in the first paragraph. The announcement of the Camp Rock 2 Premiere is the newsworthy event.
2. Background events can be the detail information of the stated newsworthy event or the outside background which closely relates to newsworthy event. The information about the soundtrack songs of Camp Rock 2 Final Jam and the plot of movie is the background events.
3. Sources is the closing statement which can be from the participants, witness, or the official authorities. The statement of Joe to MTV that songs were really cool is the source of this example of news item text. Now see the following example of news item about the premiere announcement of sequel Camp Rock 2, The Final Jam

7.  News item Text and Generic Structure - Bulldozing Neighbor's Houses

This strange and odd news can be labeled as example of a news item text. Do you still remember what definition of news item? Well It is telling the news of the day. It must be newsworthy and covers what is the news?, what is the background news, and what/who is the news' witness? Let's see the sample below!

A man bulldozes Neighbors' 4. Houses
A man damaged four houses after he drove his bulldozer through them. At least one vehicle was also destroyed.
The incident took place at Baker and Highway 101. The man was angry at his neighbors and took his bulldozer to the streets. He damaged four homes and cutting power to others. Nobody was hurt but power was out all day Friday. The man was booked into jail for malicious mischief.
The Clallam County Sheriff's Office said "The man was irate with neighbors."

Well, that is the English text. Now we need not to see the translation. Hopefully you understand the points well.

The Generic Structure of the News Text Sample
1. Newsworthy event: A man bulldozed his neighbor' house
2. Background events: The incident happened at Baker and Highway 101. It made 4 houses damaged and power off
3. Sources: The Clallam County Sheriff said that the man did it because he was angry with his neighbors.

That's all the example of news item text. Reading news item is useful as it gives us knowledge about what happens daily as well as lesson of English through text-base approach.
This sample text and illustration is taken and arranged from www.nbcnews.com/id/51846435/ns/local_news-seattle_wa/

8.  News Item Text With Generic Structure - Biggest Python Captured

Again this post is for giving an other example of news item text. As we all know that a text which brings to public about the daily news is called news item. It is one of the other types of text which students of high schools should learn in English. Remember that not all recording events which happen daily can be labelled as news item as it requires newsworthy event as its generic structure. Take a look on the following example!

The Biggest Burmese Python Captured in Florida
A Burmese python which had 18-foot  in length and 128-pound in weight  was pull out of roadside brush and wrestled by a man. He just needed 10 minutes to do that.
The python became the biggest one which was ever captured in Florida. It beat the previous specimen which was recorded by more than a foot in length. The man who capture the snake was called Python Dundee. His name is Jason Leon. He is a college student of marine biology. In that time, he was riding ATVs with his friends in a rural area when one of them saw snake sticking out of some brush. He got thanks from the the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. It has considered Burmese pythons an invasive species which wreaked havoc on the state's ecosystem.
Carli Segelson, a commission spokeswoman said that a snake of that size could kill a very large animal such as deer.

What and How Isits generic structure?
Here is the analysis. Each news item should include thee elements in structuring the paragraphs. They are:
1. Newsworthy event: The biggest python was captured in Florida
2. Background events: The snake was bigger than the previous python captured by an man who was riding and see it. The got thanks from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
3. Sources: The statement from a commission spokeswoman can be a source of this news item text

That is the today news item sample brought to you fro learning English in high schools. Next, there will be another sample of this kinds of text so keep smile in learning English text types.

9. News Item Text - Indonesian Maid beheaded

This is another example of a news item text which tells the news of the Royal honeymoon. A news item text consists of NEWSWORTHY EVENT, BACKGROUND EVENTS and SOURCE as the generic structure. Let's take a look the following example of news item text!

Indonesian Maid beheaded
An Indonesian housemaid has been executed in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing her employer, the Saudi Interior Minister said.
The woman was beheaded in the Southern Asir province in what was the second execution in the country.
The maid was earlier found of suffocating her female boss and stealing her jewellery. Rape, murder and other serious crimes can carry the death penalty in the conservative desert kingdom.
Last year, Saudi Arabia, which follow a strict interpretation of Syaria, Islamic law executed more than 130 people.

Taken from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7185532.stm

Generic Structure Analysis
1. Main event; an Indonesian maid was beheaded in Saudi Arabia.
2. a. Background 1; the maid was found guilty of suffocating her bos.
2. b. Background 2; serious crimes can carry death penalty in Saudi Arabia.
2. c. Background 3; Saudi Arabia executed more than 130 people last year.
3. Resource; the Saudi Interior Minister statement.

Language Feature Analysis
Focusing circumtances; law of serious crimes.
Using material process; behead, execute, carry, etc 

10.  News Item Text with Generic Structure: Man With Driver License Suspensions Arrested

News item text is one of the 13 types of text that must be learned by students in high school when learning English. The news text is written to publicize the event per day around us.
How to compose the text of this news is a reference to the paragraph structure. Paragraph 1 typically contains a headline or core of the news, this is called NEWSWORTHY EVENT. Paragraphs 2 and so-called BACKGROUND EVENT where explains the background or the background of the NEWSWORTHY EVENT. text of this news item is usually covered with a paragraph that contains information on where news is known, these elements are called SOURCE. To understand how a prepared text of this news, we see the following example

A Man With Driver License Suspensions Arrested
A man was arrested by Nassau County police on Monday night. He was accused of driving his car with the driver’s license suspensions.
The man who is from Long Island was arrested after police pulled him over for defecting a brake light. The police checked the ma's DMV record and noticed that  he had driver's license suspensions. He was driving illegally. With suspended driver's license, it meant that the man had not a valid license and could not legally drive his vehicle.
A spokesman of The DMV said that Williams did not have his valid license in New York, but he continued to drive.

Note on Generic Structure of News Item Text
Mostly news item text have important structural elements. They are:
1. Newsworthy event: There was a man who was arrested by police
2. Background Events: The man was from Long Island He was arrested by police because of breaking stop light The man was illegally drove his car as he has license suspended
3. Sources: The statement from DMV spokesman, the man did not valid license to drive in New York. However he keep driving

11.  Example News Item Text: Indonesian Sailors Freed by Pirate

What is news item? It is a text which tells the daily news around us. We have several posts categorized as news item text. Additionally this is another example of news item which hopefully helps students to get a better understanding on what and how a news item text is organized.

Indonesian Sailors Free as Pirates' Ransom is Paid
The crew of 20 Indonesian sailors aboard the Sinar Kudus cargo ship were finally freed by Somali pirates on Sunday.
“We received the cash of $4.5 million early this morning. We have abandoned the ship and it is preparing to sail away,” a pirate who gave his name as Geney told Reuters news agency
In March, a large group of 30 to 50 Somali pirates seized the Indonesian flagged and owned ship about 320 nautical miles northeast of the Yemeni island of Socotra. The Sinar Kudus was on its way to the Netherlands from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi when it was hijacked.
“The ship is now on its way to the nearest secure port and is being heavily guarded by Indonesian warships,” David Batubara, vice president of Samudra Indonesia told reporters late on Sunday.
Note: "Example" news item . It is arranged from: thejakartaglobe.com/home/indonesian-sailors-free-as-pirates-ransom-is-paid/438494

Generic Structure of News Item Text in Learning English
1. Newsworthy event: Information on what happened, who experienced, where and when it happened
The crew of  the Sinar Kudus cargo ship were finally freed by Somali pirates on Sunday
2. Background events: Several events proceeded and followed the main event stated in the first paragraph
a. Pirates received the cash of $4.5 million early this morning to free the sailor
b. In March, a large group of 30 to 50 Somali pirates seized the Indonesian flagged and owned ship
3. Sources: Statement from witness, participant, or authorized persons.
David Batubara said that the ship waon its way to the nearest secure port and was being heavily guarded by Indonesian warships

News item text is a good medium to practice writing when you want to be a journalist. You just need to write about everything happens around you. Arranging the paragraphs into 3 elements then the good news written is created.

News item texts are often found in news paper, magazine radio news and others. News item tells the newsworthy event of the day. I have posted some news items samples and this is another one. Hopefully it helps students to get a better understanding on what and how a news item text is.

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