Narrative Text - Nyi Roro Kidul Mythology

This is a local mythology which shows how a narrative text is well organized. Most stories labeled as narrative have orientation, complication and the final resolution of the complication. Here is an other sample of narrative text myth.

Nyi Roro Kidul Mythology Story
Long time ago, there was a king named Munding Wangi who had a beautiful princess named Kadita. Munding Wangi did not have a son, so he married with other woman, Dewi Mutiara, and finally got what he had wanted. Unfortunately, Dewi Mutiara is not a type of good woman. He understood that Kadita had a better position than his son. That was why Dewi Mutiara wanted to make her step daughter gone from the kingdom.

Dewi Mutiara cursed Kadita with a powerful spell. Because of the curse, the princess got scab and puss on her skin. Munding Wangi was pushed by his wife to exile the princess because it was embarrassing to have an ugly disgusting princess. Kadita is a kind hearted girl. Though he knew that Dewi Mutiara was the creator of her disease, but she did want to make revenge.

Kadita gone from the palace and she walked to the south. Finally, she found the Southern Sea. At the beach, she heard a voice which asked her to throw her body right to the sea. Kadita obeyed the demand and decided to swim into the sea. When her body touched the seawater, the disease was gone and she got her beautiful face again. At the same time, she also got the power to rule the southern sea for the rest of her life.

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