Narrative Text Myth - The Story of Green Lantern of St. Martin Island

This fictitious belief is simply taken to lean English narrative story. As you all know, narrative stories can be a fable, legend, folktales, and of course this kind of a myth story. Today we are giving you a very short reading story to understand the generic structure of narrative text myth.

In popular narrative use, myth is something that some people believe it but has no fact or scientific support. Myth is commonly associated with fictitious story and legend. Some stories involve Gods and Goddess, ghosts, and supernatural objects. Below is example of myth from US.

The Myth Story of Green Lantern of St. Martin Island

In St. Martin Island, there was once lighthouse keeper who lived alone with his children. His wife had died and he tried hard to raise his children well. The children must row a small dory everyday to attend school at the mainland.

One day, sudden storm caught them until the dory overturned and the children drowned in the water. None of the children’s body was found.

The lighthouse keeper shattered. Every night, he searched the beaches using green lantern to find his children. He did it until his last day.

Generic Structure of Narrative Text Myth – The Story of Green Lantern of St. Martin Island
Well, We have discussed before in the definition of narrative text that all stories labeled as narrative should be composed through 3 main element. The elements are what we call generic structure. Here is the explanation!

1.    Orientation: A light house keeper with his children
2.    Complication: His children disappeared and he kept searching
3.    Resolution: The lighthouse keeper passed his last day

All narrative texts in whatever story forms should pass some complication. If there is not any complication, the story should NOT be labeled as narrative but it may be a recount text.

Additional Note:
Some version of this myth story of Green Lantern of St. Martin Island stated that after the lighthouse keeper died, some people testified that before a storm, they saw green lantern light in the beaches. Some people believe it was the spirit of the lighthouse keeper keep searching for his children. The other believe that the dead lighthouse keeper was finally met his children in the heaven but continuing guide the ships using his lantern so the sad story of his poor children will not happen again to anyone.

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