Narrative Text Myth - The Story of Cindelaras

Continuing to learn narrative text generic structure, we give you another sample of myth story. As it has 3 elements in the structure, this kind of story can be labeled as narrative text. Before we discussed on the detail generic structure, we should understand first how the story goes on. Here we go!

The Story of Cindelaras
Long time ago, there live a handsome, clever, gallant young boy, named Cindelaras. He was not an ordinary boy because he was also a prince. He was born from the empress. Because of evil deed of king’s concubine, Cindelaras’ mother was forced to go from the palace and lived in the jungle.

One day, Cindelaras found an egg falling from flying eagle. He took it home and showed it to her mother. They decided to let the egg hatch. The day they have waited come. The egg hatched and became a strong rooster.

The rooster told Cindelaras that he was a prince, the son of King Raden Putra. He asked her mother about it and found the real answer. During the time, the rooster fought briefly and became a champion among villagers. The toughness of Cindelaras’ rooster was heard by the king and then invited him to the palace.

Cindelaras’ rooster fought with the king’s rooster and win. After the fight, Cindelaras’ rooster cackled that his owner is the king’s son. The king was disbelieved. He told Cindelaras to mention his mother. Cindelaras told the real story that his mother was the empress who gone from the palace because of the wickedness of the concubine. The story was supported by the governor.

Finally, Cindelaras and his mother brought back to the palace. The king also banished the concubine to the jungle.

Generic Structure Analysis on the Myth Story of Cindelaras

As I said above, that a narrative story should contain 3 important elements in its paragraph structure. The elements are:

1.    Orientation: Cinderalas and his mother liven in a jungle
2.    Complication: Cindelaras found his true identity. He knew that he was a prince. He tried to take his right back. A rooster helped him
3.    Resolution: Cindelaras finally went to palace with his mother

If the story is long enough, there will be two or three complications and resolutions. They are sub-parts of the problem constituting the major complication and resolution. Most of this typical prince stories have good ending. The main character succeeded and got what he should have.

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