Narrative Text Fairy Tale: The Story of the Tulip Fairy

Again we are learning narrative text. If you do not know what narrative story is, you can read my read my previous post what and how a narrative text is constructed. Generally what we call a narrative text is a story with one or more complications.

Furthermore, this complication is explored in the story plot along with orientation and complication. Most narrative stories consist at least these 3 elements. Before we are giving you the generic structure, read and understand first the following fairy tale story.

Tulip Fairy Story
Once upon a time, in a small village near the forest, there was a kind hearted old lady who lived in a small house. The old woman loved her garden and one flower she always loved is tulip. Because of it, she built a small garden full with colorful tulip.

Because of her love too, she made a small bed in the middle of the tulip garden and often spent the night there. One night, she slept in the middle of the garden. But there was something strange because unlike usual, she heard a sound from the garden. There was babies laughing and sweet singing. She tried to find out where the sound came from but she found nothing.

On the following night, she once again slept in the garden. And once again, she heard the sounds; babies laughing and sweet singing. She was curious. She walked along the garden quietly. She was surprised; there, somewhere in the garden, she found a little fairy mother rocking and crooning the tulip flower like a cradle. There was a little fairy baby, laughing and playing in the tulip cup.

The old woman walked back to her house. From that moment, she never picked the tulip. She did not allow other people touch her beloved flowers.

Analyzing Generic Structure of Narrative Text in Tulip Fairy Story
There are 3 elements which are found in a real narrative story. These elements constitute the generic structure. Here, they are in detail:
1.    Orientation: Once upon a time, in a small village near the forest, there was a kind hearted old lady
2.    Complication: She liked her flower in the garden very much. She herd a crying baby in the middle of her garden in the night. He found The baby needed the tulip flower to play with
3.    Resolution: The old woman never pick up tulip flower any more

Of course there will be more than one complication and resolution when you get a very long and complex stories. You can compare the generic structure in the Cinderella story short version HERE and Cinderella story in the long version HERE. For a very short story, there is only one complication and one resolution.

When you read long story of novel, you will find some minor complications which rise into the major one. To overcome the conflict, then the story need more than one resolution, some minor resolution for minor complication and then completed with a major resolution.

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