Narrative Text Fairy Tale: Harvest Feast in Blossom Valley

What is fairy tale? Commonly people call it fantasy story. It is about magic things, miracles, and other amazing happenings.  Reading a fairy tale story can help you understanding well what and how narrative text is organized.

Fairy tale is narrative story that involving fantasy characters in a fantasy world. The characters are such as fairies, dwarfs, elves, goblins, trolls, gnomes, giants, witches, and mermaids. Below is the example of fairy tale.

Harvest Feast in Blossom Valley
In Blossom Valley, dwarfs prepared their tools for the harvest day. They were so happy because they will hold a feast with the fairies in the afternoon.
“I will bring the sweetest carrot”, said Buba, the red dwarf.
“I will bring the crunchiest lettuce”, said Pupi, the green dwarf.
“I will bring the prettiest rose for Queen Emma”, said Silsa, the purple dwarf.
“Hey it’s not ingredients for the pot”, Buba complained.
“Who cares?” said Silsa.
Everybody worked hard to harvest the plants and bring the best ingredients to the party but in the middle of the way, they saw the trolls cried out lout.
“Our tools were stolen by the goblins. We could not harvest the potatoes without it”, said one of the troll.
“Hey this is a harvest feast day. No one should cry in big day like this. Don’t worry, we have the tool, we will help you”, said Yowie, the blue dwarf.
Dwarfs and trolls work hand in hand to harvest the potatoes. They were a little late for the feast but everybody happy because the fairies cook the most delicious food from the ingredients they brought.

Analyzing Fairy Tale Generic Structure for Learning Narrative Text
Like what we have discussed in the definition of narrative text, it is structure from 3 main elements. They are:
1.    Orientation: Dwarf and fairies in blossom valley
2.    Complication: Trolls were crying because their harvest tells were stolen
3.    Resolution: Dwarf and trolls work together and were happy in harvest feast.

Hopefully, this narrative text in fairy tale story gives you better understanding when you are given a test to answer some questions relating title, generic structure, function, word meaning, and other typical question of learning English through text based approach.

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