Recount Text about Personal Experience: Getting First Cat

Do you still remember how did you feel when you got thing for the first time? What did you feel when you celebrate your 17 birth day? The feeling and how it appeared during series of event happened can be written through the organization of recount text. For more explanation of recount text, see what and how a recount text is.

If you want to know how a recount text is structure, you see my short explanation below.  A recount text should be organized through the structure as below:
1. Orientation: It introduce what, to whom, where, and when
2. Series of events: It explain what events deal with the participants
3. Reorientation: It show a final note from the writer about the experiences

We have a lot of examples of recount text with various topics. Most topics written to show what and how a recount text is organized are personal experiences, short biography, historical events, and holidays vacation. We have provide a lot samples for each topic to learn and understand this kind of English text.

Though there have been huge samples for this recount text, we keep on giving you another one. Hopefully you gain more understanding on this kind of English text. Again we have an example of recount text about first prize on my birthday.

Well do you catch the point? Where is the important structure in any recount texts? Yes, a series of event is the core element of all recount text for learning English in high schools. See our sample below!

Getting The First Cat

I am Anna and I already 17 years old now. Since I was a kid, I always interested with cat. I do not know why but every time I saw them, I felt that they are the cutest animal in this planet. Many people love dog, but I do not.

One day, on my 6th birthday, my father brought me a white kitten. I remembered that it was one of the best days I have ever had. I fell in love with the kitten, so I called him Luna. According to my father, Luna was Persian breed. He had clear white fur. His face partly covered by it. His nose was so small and it looked cute, especially if he starred at me. He liked playing so much; so many people in the house loved him.

Every day, I spent some of time with him. Once a month, I brought him to pet shop for grooming, of course with my father. Luna stayed with me for more than 4 years. My heart was broken when Luna sick at that time because of unknown disease. I asked my father to bring him to veterinary but it was too late. I was sad but my father said that I have to let Luna go.

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