Recount Text about Personal Experience: First Time to Get Driving

Recounting how exciting when you get driving for the first day is best for learning a recount text. This personal experiences, like the story of the first day of working and also how embarrassing presentation you got is best for understanding the structure of recount text.

A recount text is written and organized through 3 sequenced elements. The are:
1. Orientation: It introduce what, to whom, where, and when
2. Series of events: It explain what events deal with the participants
3. Reorientation: It show a final note from the writer about the experiences

Well below is the sample of how such 3 elements are applied in the structure of a recount text.

My First Time of Driving Lesson

It was the time when I learned to drive a car. I never imagined that the chance would come to me. At that time, I was still 18 years old. My body was not as big as other people. I was not tall at all, because I was only 163 cm. Because of that reason, my parents bought a small car, a Japanese car which suits with me.

I registered to a driving school by paying some money. The instructor was an old man who had years of experience. The car used for my lesson was the school’s car. It was specially designed for teaching new young driver. At the first moment, the instructor gave me some instructions. He explained me about each component in the vehicle. He also explained the importance of seat belt.

After some hours spent with the theory, it was the time for me to try holding the steering wheel. I was little bit nervous because it was the first time I am touching and trying to control a car. However, the instructor told me to keep all stress and nervous in my pocket. He asked to relax and focus. The lessons run smoothly, and finally, after many days if got my driving license, showing that I could drive a car anywhere.

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