Recount Text about Personal Experience: First Day Working

Learning English while telling personal experiences is best practice to understand what and how a recount text in English. Besides narrative and spoof text, recounting personal experiences become the object theme for learning English through text based approach.

Recount text are written based on the generic structure which has small similarity with narrative and spoof. To how recount is distinguished with narrative, read HERE. If you want to know how a recount text is different from spoof, see HERE. Again we give you the newest example of recount text in the topic of personal experiences. Here  it is!

The First Day Working For Learning Recount Text

It was Monday in the first week of January, the first day I entered the office. It is a great building where hundreds employees worked every day. I understood that working in such a big company is something expensive for some people. I got the chance which means that I had the qualification to take big responsibility.

My company is one of the biggest in the country. It runs business on construction project. Many buildings had been constructed, including some skyscrapers. I was surprised that they accepted by as employee. I had no experiences before since I was fresh graduate. However, my points were excellent. My lecturer has said to me that my future is good because I have the ability to solve every problem I met.

I spent almost 2 months for learning my duties. I was guided by an experienced employee who has worked in the company for more than 10 years. I understood that the fact I would faced was different from the lessons I have learned in the college. However, that is my responsibility to bring all the skills and knowledge to reality. Today, I have worked and built career in the company for more than 3 years and I enjoyed my job

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