Example of Recount Text: My Embarrassing Presentation

This is a personal experience story for learning a recount text. As We have discussed in the definition of recount text, the text sample can be be personal experience, short biography, spending holidays, or historical event.

Today we have an example of recount text in English. The theme is any personal experience whether good or bad. The structure of recount text refers to 3  important elements. They are:
1. Orientation: It introduce what, to whom, where, and when
2. Series of events: It explain what events deal with the participants
3. Reorientation: It show a final note from the writer about the experiences

To know clearly how such structure is organized in a recount text, below is best and short example personal experience text about first presentation for learning English recount text.

My Embarrassing Presentation

Presentation was not a big deal for me. I have done it so many times without flaw. However, last week presentation was a big different. That Wednesday, I should perform presentation in front of the owner of the company. That was the first time for me to stand up in front of the highest person in my company. I got a little nervous but I can keep myself calm because had prepared everything.

The opening was run without problem. I had the confident and I was sure the materials are checked. Unfortunately, I made mistake when I was played the video. I supposed to play video about our research in the next construction site but the video I played was my kitty playing a yarn ball. People were suddenly laughing that time.

I was so embarrassed. I apologized, and quickly changed the video. The laughing last long until my boss stop it. I was so blessed that my boss is very kind person. He smiled and asked me to continue my presentation. Apparently, my boss love cat so the video did not bother him much. Thankfully, the rest of the presentation was run well without problem.

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