Example of Recount Text: The First Day at Laboratory

This personal experience is for learning a recount text. Personal experience is a story about an event that has actually done by the writer. The event is commonly special or very important for the writer that needs to be shared with others. Subject used in personal experience story is “I”. Below is the example.

In the previous post about  an example of recount text  int the story of the embarrassing experiences, we have showed you that mostly a recount text in English is about retelling a series of events. It is really "retelling". It does not about "exposing" or "arguing". Again the sample below is about series of event in personal experience. Here the sample!

First Day at Laboratory

I always thought experimenting in laboratory as a cool stuff, as if I become a clever researcher. Therefore, I could not wait for my first day at laboratory.

The night before the D-day, I was so excited. I learned the subject for the experiment again and again. I didn’t want to make mistake on my first day. I went to bed early so I will not late.

Finally, the day came and I became the first to run to the laboratory. I mesmerized by the equipment lined up at the table and the cabinets. I could not wait to use them all.

The topic for the day was microscope. My teacher thought us about the usage and about how to use it. I learned about how to find the light and set the right angle. I fascinated to see how a very small thing that we hardly see with bare eyes became so clear through microscope. Such simple experiment made me love laboratory more

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