What and How is Report Text?

Understanding report text for some students who are learning English is sometimes a bit confusing with the notions of descriptive text. This is understandable as both types of the English text are written to describe, aim to inform, or explain the circumstances of something or a group of things.

Although there are similarities, for those who are learning the language of the United Kingdom could be easier to distinguish between the report text and descriptive text. So what is actually a Report Text?. Still remember what that text report? Sometimes we are a bit lazy read the writing model of explanation or understanding of this and would like to directly find out how a text type report it. 

Definition of Report Text

Most book and handout to learn English text defines report text as:

Report is a text which presents information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis

From the above definitions we can underline the point that the first report text that aims to give the reader information about something. Information is something that should not be added or reduced as is but should be something that.

The second point is that the information about something that's as a result of systematic observation and analysis. That's why we also sometimes read the report text is also named as an informational report.

The third point shows us the clues will be what actually the sense of that text and report how the report text is distinguished with a descriptive text with explanations or information "as it is" and "as a result of observation and analysis".

Generic Structure of Report Text

I think we almost tired of Yes with the term generic structure. When learning the language of text-based United Kingdom we certainly encountered 13 genres plus generic explanation of structure of eight seasons of the genres. What is the explanation and understanding of the generic structure report text is it? In simple terms it refers to how each type of text it was written and composed to meet the desires of the author in conveying an information to the reader. In a more narrow again generic structure is how paragraphs-paragraphs that are arranged and organized into one unified text intact and has meaning as desired by the author. OK, well then what generic structure of report text?. A common explanation is as follows:

1. General classification: classification of Stating the general aspect of the thing; animal, public place, plant, etc. which will be discussed in general

2. Descriptions: Self-describing the thing which will be discussed in detail; part per part, customs or deed for living creature and usage for materials

What is the point that we get from the generic structure above? And how's the structure model as above paragraph could distinguish types of English text with another, especially descriptive text? The first point is certainly the term "general classification" which suggests that a report text was written to provide information about things that are common, a classification of things, group, groups, species. A report of English text was not written to provide information about something special or specific.

The second point, a report text written in order to provide information about something, and something that may be living beings or inanimate objects. These need to be distinguished and given in providing information or description for o living things and inanimate objects are slightly different.

Functionally, report text above is clearly stated that the depiction or information for living things covering parts of living things it and carried on with the depiction of the Customs (customs) or behavior (deed) of living things which made the object report text.

Then how the depiction of report text United Kingdom language about inanimate objects? In the generic structure above also explained that the depiction of inanimate objects for details are the first concerned also with parts (parts) of the difference, the second continues with the functionality, usability, benefits (usage) of the object.

Well here are enough brightly lit right sense report text and what it with the kind of English text that others, especially descriptive text. But to further ripen explanation report text, we all enter into the traits of language

The Language Feature of Report Text
1. Introducing group or general aspect
2. Using conditional logical connection; when, so, etc
3. Using simple present tense

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