What and How is Hortatory Exposition Text?

Hortatory exposition text is very similar to analytical exposition. The function distinguishes when it makes the readers know the importance or know to do the action

Definition of Hortatory Exposition
Hortatory exposition is a text which represent the attempt of the writer to have the addressee do something or act in certain way.

Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition
1. Thesis ; what important issue to be stated
2. Arguments: what arguments support the stated issue
3. Recommendation; what action should be taken or should not be taken

Language Feature of Hortatory Exposition
1. Focusing on the writer
2. Using abstract noun; policy, advantage, etc
3. Using action verb
4. Using thinking verb
5. Using modal adverb; certainly, surely, etc
6. Using temporal connective; firstly, secondly, etc
7. Using evaluative words; important, valuable, trustworthy, etc
8. Using passive voice
9. Using simple present tense

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