Recount Text: Holiday Vacation in Bandung

We have given you an example recount text about holiday vacation to Bali.Now we are on holiday vacation in Bandung. Do you know heroic story about Bandung? If you haven't, you are recommended to read my recount sample of Bandung sea of fire.

Recount texts become student's favorite text types as this kind of text has the closest topics related to student's life. Recount text simple just retell personal experiences orderly from one event to another events. Now we have an example of recount text about vacation. This time we are spending holiday in Bandung.

My Holiday Vacation in Bandung as Example of Recount Text
A week ago, I went to Bandung with my family. Bandung is the city I loved because there are interesting places I could visit. The capital city of West Java has been so popular among tourists because of its beauty. Paris Van Java is the name given by the Dutch because of its beauty.

Beside its beauty, Bandung is also famous because of its culinary menus. We wanted to stay in Bandung for three days. During the holiday, we stayed in a small hotel near the Trans Studio, a huge amusement park where many interesting attractions can be found. In the first day, we went to Dago Street to enjoy some delicious meals. There are many restaurants along the street, offering traditional Sundanese menus up to European menus.

On the second day, my father took us to visit some Distro, which is a type of fashion store that has become the trademark of the city. My father bought me a t-shirt and a pair of new shoes. He said that the quality of the products is as good as the imported ones.

On the third day, or the last day, we went to Bandung zoo. Just like any other zoos, there are so many animals from all over the world. That was a great feeling to see and interact with animals in Bandung.

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