Narrative Text with Generic Structure and Translation: Mouse and Frog

This is a narrative text in fable Are you still interested at learning English through text-based approach? If yes, the following example of narrative text is worthy to read. A lot of narrative texts are in the form of story about animal. Now we have a fable, a story of animal which can be categorized as example of narrative text

Narrative Text: The story of a Mouse and a Frog
Once, there was a mouse which made of close friendship with a frog.

One day, the frog said to the mouse; "Let's bind ourselves together with a string so that we may never get separated". The mouse agreed. Both tied themselves together leg to leg. It went quite well on land. When they came to a small pool, it was a tragic for the mouse.

In the end, the frog kept swimming across the small pool dragging the mouse with him. Soon, the mouse drowned and floated on the surface of the pool.

Translation and Generic Structure of Narrative Text
If you get some difficulties understanding the meaning of the story, below is the translation in an image file
Narrative text fable story of mouse and frog
After knowing the meaning of the story, it will be better to continue on the structure of semantic concept from the above narrative text. Let's see the points which become the generic structure

1. Orientation: The frog and the mouse were in once time
2. Complication: They wanted to make "true friendship". They didn't want to be separated so they tied together
3. Resolution: The mouse had to pay for their "true friendship" he was drowning and floating on the pool

Why a writer write a narrative text? To answer this question we have to remember what is the purpose of a narrative text. Narrative is written to entertain, to hold the reader's interest. Most of us like to read a story. A good story will attract the reader with interesting plot. The readers want to know more, what is going on to happen? Narrative text is also written to teach a certain moral value. Well, can you guess what is the moral value of the story of a Mouse and a frog above? Let me know your comments. and share together.

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