Narrative Text: Story of Thumbelina with Generic Structure and Translation

What is narrative text? When learning English through text approaches, genres-based approach, narrative text has a large portion to be learned. Almost all semesters in academic curriculum, included a discussion of the narrative story. So to add you the definition, generic structure, and language also feature of a narrative text, following one is good example presentedin English.

The Story of Thumbelina
Once upon a time, there was a very poor woman. There was not a boy or a daughter who lived with her. She Wished very much to have a child.

One day, the poor woman went to a fairy god mother. The fairy lived near the green meadow in the valley. The poor woman received a Barleycorn seeds from the fairy. She went home and planted it in a flower pot. Several days latter, the seed grew up into a large beautiful flower.

Surprisingly, the woman saw a little girl inside the flower. The sweet little girl was as long as a woman thumb.The Gave her the name of Thumbelina Because she was so small.

There is still not know the meaning of a narrative text above? If there are not yet know, a free translation of the narrative text example could be as follows:
narrative text thumbelina

After reading the story narrative text about Thumbelina, it would be better if it is given along with the generic structure of the text of the story Thumbelina. Identifying generic tructure is one capability that should have when learning English through genres text-based approach. Each text should contain a narrative structure:
1. Orientation: In a text story Thumbelina, the orientation is itself the poor woman who were living in a time

2. Complication: Opposition must be paramount in any narrative text. Inside, Thumbelina story above, starting with the complication package strikes high against a child

3. Resolution: a settlement must be performed on each text narrative. A settlement could be a success or failure at the end of troubleshooting problems. Preformance Thumbelina story narrative above, its resolution is a success, a happy ending, in which women who go to the Fairy finally found a little child in a flowers.

That is the example of narrative text about  Thumbelina, equipped with little explanation understanding and also generic structure of a narrative text.

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