Narrative Text Fable: The Strength of Doves

Here is what we can learn from animal story. This fable  gives a great moral lesson. What is it? We can be very strong if we unite together. If we do thing individually, it may be weaker. So some people give the title for the doves story as Unity is Strength. For more detail, see the following fable story!

Unity is Strength - The Doves Story
Once upon a time, there was a group of doves flew led by their leader. They were searching for foods. One day, they felt very tired because they had flown for a long time. The leader encouraged the group to keep flying. One of the doves finally found some corn scattered beneath a tree. He told the group about it and they landed there and began to eat.

Suddenly, a big net fell and they were trapped. A man was approaching with a huge bag in his hand. The doves desperately flapped their wings. They were trying to get out from the net. The attempt was failed. The leader had a good idea. He said that all doves must fly up together. He said to his group that they would have strength to carry the net with them if they work together.

Each of the doves then picked a small part of the net. They flew together and carrying the net. The hunter looked shocked and he tried to run after them. But, the doves were flying in a speed. They flew above the hill and reached a temple where they found a mouse that helped them cut the net.

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