Guide to Japanese Pop Culture - Review Text

Cassandra Morgan is a married woman. She has a kid. As other fixed family, she likes pets too. She does not close her self to popular stuff; movie, game, electronical equipments, artist life, progressive music and others. In fact she is a Japanese pop culture its self.

She has been building her website, The Geek Within. She has composed her reviews to various topics in side pop culture. She presents them to be known that they are the recent life of Japanese. Music, interest, digital equipments and accessories are found in her subject. She eagerly strengthens her website as another side of medium for communication.

She has been familiar with various games. She writes about what she has known. What she writes in her blog is short but effective. It just shows the way, walking through or not is up to the reader. She has a brave heart to show what she has known but she has a willingness to accept any suggestion

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