Example of Narrative Text “The King of the Mice and the Woodcutter”

Narrative texts always teach us some moral value. A narrative text will be constructed in ORIENTATION, COMPLICATION and RESOLUTION. Such plot of narrative story will determine the the story as whole. Let’s see the following example of narrative text!

The King of the Mice and the Woodcutter
Once, there was a king of mice. He lived inside a banyan tree in a forest. He loved the tree as his home. He lived there happily.
One day, a poor man wanted to cut down the banyan tree. The king of the mice was frightened so he asked the woodcutter to leave the tree standing. In result, he would give the woodcutter a gold every day. The woodcutter agreed.
Every evening, the king of the mice gave a piece of gold to the woodcutter. The gold was taken out from the roots of the banyan tree. The woodcutter was happy and took the gold home.
After a few days, the woodcutter's wife asked him, “Where does the gold come from?” So he replied, “The king of the mice gives me the golds from under the roots of the tree.” “Oh, you are stupid!” his wife said and suggested. “Why don’t you cut down the tree and take the golds all away?” The woodcutter would do as his wife said.
The following day, the woodcutter cut down the banyan tree. Unfortunately, he did not find any gold there instead the king of the mice had run away and crept up to the woodcutter’s house. The king of the mice took back all the golds.
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