Example of Hortatory Text: Get Beauty by Consuming Water

This is an important of consuming water to get beautiful. Do you want to get beauty? Consume enough water! As we stated in the definition of hortatory exposition text that it is written to persuade readers by exposing some arguments.

Do you believe that water can make us beautiful? The potential function of water can be very good to form your body fit and beautiful. The argumentation presented here than is best taken to learn and find an example of hortatory text. So read carefully the example hortatory text below!

Consume Water to Get Beauty
As we know that so much water in the world. There are many kinds of water that we can consume every day all time.

Consuming water can be made as therapy of disease, because water that we consume with enough amounts and the right method can purify of poisons in our body. The therapy of water can save water availability in the body.

Therapy of water can keep the beauty too. Skins is the out part of the body that has contact with dirty air, sun light and pollution. To keep the skin elasticity, water is needed in the enough amounts. Water can dampen of skin until not easy to dry and make crimp.

To keep the balancing of size body, water is needed. In fact, water can increase the metabolism and pressing of eat desire. Consume a lot of water can filtrate much calories.

So, let’s consume water everyday at least eight glasses to keep our healthy and beauty. But, the water must be clean and hygiene. Find, buy and consume the best mineral water!

That is our hortatory text sample for today. You can find a lot of hortatory text in the form of speech, advertisement, announcement, promotion text, or pamphlet, or banner. All are to catch reader's attention and in the next lever to to make them believe and do action.

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