What and How is Descriptive Text?

Most writing styles deal with descriptive text. When learning English text types, we are often confused with the differences between descriptive and report text. Both kinds of text are written to describe an object. They are to answer the questions like "How does the object look like?" or " What does the object look like?". Hoe ever we can define the difference from the participant of the text.

The Definition and Purpose of Descriptive Text
Descriptive text is a text which say what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.

The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text
Simply it is stated that a descriptive text has structure as below:
1. Identification; identifying the phenomenon to be described.
2. Description; describing the phenomenon in parts, qualities, or/and characteristics.

The Language Feature of Descriptive Text
1. Using attributive and identifying process.
2. Using adjective and classifiers in nominal group.
3. Using simple present tense

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