Types of Twist in Spoof Text

What is twist? This question is likely to answer what is the difference between recount text and spoof.  According to wikipedia, a twist ending is a plot twist occurring near or at the conclusion of a story, unexpected conclusion to a work of fiction that causes the audience to reevaluate the narrative or characters.There are three common types of twisting ending.

Types of Humorous Twist
Many stories have twist with a happy,amusing, or heartwarming ending. It is funny and makes readers amused. Humorous twist ending sometime is called Lighthearted twist.

Types of  Ironic Twist
Stories with a twist or surprise at the end do not necessarily have to have a happy ending. Many have been written that have an ironic twist. This ironic twist ending often reveal something about the darker side of human nature. Examples of these types of stories include The Necklace. In other word ironic twist is tragic.

Types of  Misconception Twist
A narrator who has incorrect information built around their own perception of events that they pass along can build an unpredictable ending. The ghost who doesn’t know he or she has died, the robot who feels human emotions, the narrator who does not know they are a mannequin in a store are some ways to create a twist based on faulty or withheld information.

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