The Chaotic Exam: Hortatory Exposition Text with Generic Structure and Translation

What is hortatory exposition text? When I browsed some news about the National Exam 2013, I found a written text which is good as a another short example of hortatory exposition. A text of exposition is written to expose a point which is very important to consider. The purpose of hortatory text is to persuade the readers to do, think, and consider as like the writer does. Let's see the sample below!

Example of Hortatory Exposition - The Chaotic National Exam
As the national exam is an annual activity organized by the Education and Culture Ministry, it can be prepared for as early as possible. It is very difficult to understand why the implementation of this year’s exam was so chaotic.

I think it was caused by poor management within the central committee, so the minister should be responsible for its implementation. In an era where all activities can be supported by advanced technology, 11 provinces had to delay the exams due to the failure in the distribution of exam materials.

The quality of education reflects the progress of the nation. Therefore, the ministry needs to thoroughly assess its failure.

Well I think the text is easy to understand. However If some of you still do not understand or get difficulty of some vocabularies, the text can be understood from the following rough translation.

hortatory text on national examGeneric Structure of Hortatory Exposition
So what is the generic structure of the hortatory exposition? Any text forms is structured differently from other types. When we read a hortatory text we actually read an exposition of argument from the writer. The above text has the generic structure as below:
1. Thesis: there is some chaos in implementation of National Exam this year
2. Arguments: Some provinces had to delay the National exam because they had not received the exam material on time
3. Recommendation: The minister should assess this failure for better education.

That example hortatory exposition that comes with a little explanation of the definition, translation, and analysis of generic structure. If you have known more about the text which is called hortatory exposition, let me know your comments.

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