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This is another example of discussion text. The pros and cons of children homework. Some parents agree that children who go to formal school should be given a homework. It stimulate them to study at home. However, some of parents disagree. children who go to school and have spent all morning in school should have a little free time at their home

A problematic discourse is the simple key to see whether the text is an example of discussion or the other genres. Discussion text will see and elaborate the issue from the different point of view. It presents pro and contra opinion on certain issue. One side is agreeing the issue, the other is disagreeing that issue. The different point of views, according to the generic structure, is the heart of the discussion text. That will differentiate from the other text types.

When we read an example of discussion text, we will see the structure as follow;

1. Stated issue; what issue is going to be discussed. This must drive problematic discussion from different points of view.

2. Supporting arguments: after stating the issue, it is necessary to present the argument to support that one point is agreeing.

3. Against arguments: beside the supporting argument, discussion text need the arguments which disagree to the stated issue.

4. Recommendation; finally in the end of the discussion, it is important to re-think to formulate certain recommendation for the discussed issue.

Now we will see the following example of discussion text

Giving Children Homework; Pro and Con

There are a lot of discussion as to whether children should be given homework or not. Is it enough for children having time to study at school or needing additional time in home for study after school time?

Some people claim that children do enough work in school already. They also argue that children have their hobbies which they want to do after school, such as sport or music. A further point they make is that a lot of homeworks are pointless and does not help the children learn at all.

However, there are also strong arguments against this point of view. Parents and teachers argue that it is important to find out whether children can work on their own without the support from the teacher. They say that the evening is a good time for children to sit down and think about what they have learned in school.

Furthermore they claim that the school day is too short to get anything done. It makes sense to send home tasks like independent reading or further writing task which do not need the teacher support.

I think, on balance, that some homework is good idea but that should only given at the weekend when children have more time.

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