Narrative Text Fable: A Merchant and Golden Egg

Don't be greedy. That is the moral lesson from the story of this merchant and the golden egg. If you are given 1, accept and use it. Don't ask more than what you should have. It may result differently. For more detail, see the story below!

A Merchant and Golden Egg - Short Narrative Text
In a village, there lived a cloth merchant with his family. The merchant family was indeed quite well-off. The family had a hen that can lay an egg each day. The egg was not just an ordinary egg but it was a golden egg. However, the husband was not satisfied with it because he always wants to get more and more.

One day, he planned something that could make the hen laid more than one eggs within a day. The plan was to kill the hen and take all the golden eggs together.

The next day, when the hen laid the egg, the merchant caught hold of it. He took a sharp knife and chopped off the neck of the hen. The hen dead and the merchant cut its body open. Unfortunately, he did not find anything there, only blood. He was upset because now he would never get golden egg anymore.

He felt sad because he remembered that his family’s life was running smoothly when the hen lived and laid one golden egg. But now, he felt that his life would be miserable. Because what he did, he and his family must started to live differently from before the hen was slaughtered.

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