Example Short Spoof Text - Absence

We have a collection of spoof with different twists. Now we have another example of a short spoof text. Always read the text spoof fun, you feel funny and silly stories NOT BECAUSE unexpected. when reading sample of spoof story, of course we have an estimate about what happens at the end of the story BUT NOT turns to estimates. BEFORE proceeding, there should be THINGS. Read the following spoof text:

1. Definitions and generic structure of text spoof
2. Definition and types of twist in the text spoof
3. Differences spoof to recount text
4. Differences spoof text and Anecdote text

To understand it, a twist is generally located at the end of the story, here's a spoof story example of short text which we translate from the English text spoof. Under translation English text served well, so that we more easily understand what and how a twist on the spoof text.

Example of spoof Text "Absence"
Joe's Mother got angry because her son got a low mark on English test.
"Why did you get such a low mark on that test?" Asked mother angrily. Asked by his angry mother, Joe just kept silent and went out.
A few moment, Joe came back home and met his mother again. His mother asked the same question.
Joe answered steadily, "Because of absence."
"You mean you were absent on the day of the test?" Mother wondered.
Joe replied, "No, but the kid who sits next to me was."

That is our spoof text sample. It is very short but powerful enough to make many reader laugh loudly. Are you entertained? Surely yes.

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