Example of Spoof Text in Story of Spying Parrot

The spoof text is commonly written in a story. While we are talking about a story, it will be close related to narrative and recount text. What and How is narrative, what is recount and what is spoof text its self are easily differed from one to other by seeing the generic structure. Spoof, narrative and recount are similar in how they are constructed in the first step. They recount the event and experience which introduce the participant, time and place setting. However in the end of the text, the way they are closed are different from one to other. Narrative will be closed by a resolution which refers to the conflict. Recount will be concluded with a re-orientation. While spoof will end the story with some unpredictable way of plot. That unpredictable way is called twist. See the following example of spoof text amazing animal which is simplified from top20fun.

The Spying parrot
A guy was having marital problems. He and the wife were not communicating at all and he had lonesome so he went to a pet store thinking a pet might help.
In the store he came to parrots. As he wandered down the rows of parrots he noticed one with no feet. Surprised he mutters "I wonder how he hangs onto the perch?"
The parrot said "With my prick, you dummy."
The guy was startled and said "You certainly talk well for a parrot."
The parrot said "Of course, I'm very well educated. I can discuss politics, sports, religion, most any subject you wish."
The guy said "Gee, you sound like just what I was looking for."

Then the guy bought the parrot and for three months things go great. When he came home from work the parrot told him about the recent and hottest news.
One day the guy come home from work and the parrot waved a wing at him and said "Come in and shut the door."
The guy said "What's up?"
The parrot said "I don't know how to tell you this, but the mailman came today. I saw that your wife answered the door in her transparent gown and he kissed her right on the lips."
The guy said "He did? Did you see?"
The parrot said " Yes, Then he pulled her gown down... and ....."
"My God, what happened next?"The guy said curiously to know next.
Then the parrot replied "I don't know. I got a hard-on and fell off my perch."

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