7 Conflicts in Narrative Text Stories

As we all know that every story in the narrative text must have one or more conflict or disagreement among the perpetrators story. For more role conflict situation in any narrative text see the explanation and understanding of narrative text in a previous post

7 conflict discussion in the story of  narrative text is the development of the main conflicts of narrative text is divided into three, namely natural conflict, social conflict, and psychological conflict. A basic understanding of the conflict is a conflict or disagreement between store-character story. This contradiction then create an issue or problem. Problem is the discrepancy between the expectations of participants desired by characters with the reality of events in the story.

Among the five elements of narrative text, conflict occupy a very important role in a story. Of course we also ignore  other elements such as character, setting, plot, and others. However, referring to the generic structure, the distinguishing narrative conflict with other text types.

Here is 7 kinds of complication factors inside of narrative stories
Conflict 1: Man Against Fate
It is a conflict or opposition of the most severe where humans faced with the reality of destiny. Conflict this model is widely used in the classic story story, such as the legend and the story of Oedipus sangkuriang

Conflict 2: Man Against Self
This is an internal conflict story where a character has to face conflict with himself. Conflict against oneself is sometimes also referred to as "Inner Conflict" or "Psychological conflict". Example model of conflict was used by William Shakespeare in Drama Hamlet story in which the main store, Hamlet, contemplating committing suicide, solves the pain of life experienced.

Conflict 3: Man Against Man
Conflict is built on grooves story of man against man, man vs. man. This conflict refers to as "Social Conflict". Conflicts of this model is widely used in today's story populist story. If we look at the events of soap operas on TV, social conflict be this part of plot in the main story. Figures "protagonist" against the "Antagonist", the hero against the enemy, the good guy to deal with the ugly figures.

Conflict 4: Man Against Society
The conflict between man and society. Flow will be very interesting story because the character story "struggling" to face a group of people around him. In developing the story, this type of conflict is often changed disagreement between the leaders of the Humurous story, traditions, habits acquired his old society.

Conflict 5: Man Again Nature
It is conflict between humans and nature. Great natural strength is often used as the basis of a conflict that must be faced by figures from the characters. The background of the story that natural disasters often use the type of conflict man again nature.

Conflict 6: Man Against the Supernatural
At first glance, type of conflict against the forces of the supernatural may seem opposed to the conflict on par with the first type, but conflict can be used as a separate species.

Conflict 7: Man Against Technology
Man against himself on technology, eg terminator movie story. Advances in technology have resulted in a lot of story in which the antagonists are using technology to gain power or where technology is taking over or be a bad influence on society.

Those are  7 conflicts in the story narrative text that we should know. Surely we have encountered in the form of a narrative texts story. Hope can help are again learning the type of text in general and particularly narrative text.

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