5 Elements in Narrative Stories

When we are learning narrative text, we are certainly talking about a story. Narrative story in text form can be a fable, legend, folktale, myth and others. A story usually have five main elements. They are character, plot, conflict and resolution. The five elements which define the performance of a text story narrative

Elements Story 1: Character (Figures Story)
Narrative text element characters Character is a character involved in the story. A story writer should introduce characters who are involved in the story with enough reviews, where each reader can capture who and how the characters story. Visualization of the characters in the story can only be captured by the reader by describing the physical characteristics of the offender mental story. The main character in a story or scenario usually plays that determine the overall flow of the story. Yet another story shops role (character that is not considered major) can not ignored, because of them and play function add more detailed explanation in the story. All character performance story it must remain consistent with the characterization for the reader to understand and believe in the story and the action

Elements Story 2: Setting (Determination situations story)
Narrative text element setting place timeSetting is a story of action actors. Story writer must describe the environment in which the story occurs in detail so that the reader can feel the atmosphere of the story. Determination of the story setting with an unnatural environment, example a fantasy world, the world of fantasy is usually considered very attractive but take setting everyday world nor when pulled because the reader will better understand and be more motivated to get into the flow of the story. the determination of the place setting and may also affect the setting this time against the perpetrators story depiction. When authors create a setting where the ancient and formerly an age occurs, of course also customize a character with the pattern of behavior in era.

Elements Story 3: Plot (Flow story)
Narrative text element plot storyPlot is the actual play in the overall story. A good story plot is believed to have to have a prefix (beginning), play amid the story (middle), and the suffix (end) clear. With floweriness of suspension (shock) here and there, readers will be more interested to finish reading the story and find out the whole story.
Based on the plot (grooves story) that we know the generic structure of the writing of text type.

Story Elements 4: Conflict (to issues)
Narrative text element conflictsEvery story should have a conflict (problem) to be solved. Flow story will refer to this Conflict element where the event pelku preformance story trying to solve these problems. The culmination of this conflict is what we are familiar with the term "climax" which became part of the most dancing, thrilling, touching,  before heading to a settlement.
In various example of narrative text, conflict is at the core of this kind of story text. In the absence of conflicts, problems, conflicts, the text is not worth classified as type narrative.

Story Elements 5: Resolution (troubleshooting)
Narrative text element resolutionResolution is how actors ends story and find a solution or solutions to the problems encountered. In narrative story, he should be meaningful resolution not managed to solve the problem but can also fail in the face. The emphasis on how the story was terminated by the author are acted by actors story. From this we know the happy ending and the sad ending of a narrative story

That is our lesson of five elements in a story of narrative text. Hopefully this article can help you understand what and how a story's narrative text.

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