The Best Collection of Recount Text in English

If you read the definition of recount text and narrative text, you will find some similarity between them. However the differences exist between them through the second element. Since narrative text is about complication, narrative text is about series of events.

This complete collection of recount text will help you gaining better understanding on what a recount text is and how a recount is structured. A recount text can be a an amazing experience or horrible one, biography, or about holiday events. See the following list of the best examples of recount in this blog for learning English text.

Recount texts about holiday event
1. Fantastic holiday
2. Visiting Bali island
3. Vacation to London

Recount text about biography on Indonesian Hero or Heroine
1. President Soekarno
2. Bung Hatta
3. Dewi Sartika

Recount texts about biography
1. Short biography of Kurt Cobain
2. Biography of Marion Barber
3. Biography Albert Einstein

Recount text about good and bad experiences
1. Journalist's diary
2. My horror experience
3. My horrible experience

Recount text about historical events
1. The Youth pledge
2. Japanese occupation in Indonesia
3. Bandung sea of fire

If you want to know what is recount text, the generic structure and the language feature, you can read what and how a recount text is. To get the best comprehension, actually the theoretical note should be known first before reading all text samples of recount text.

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