Review Text: A Site from Reog Boy

It has been appearing. It calls its self gusblake. It is a site of a boy from Ponorogo. If you have not known Ponorogo yet, it is one of regencies in East Java, Indonesia. Recently, this town has appeared as public issues because Reog Ponorogo, one of its local genius traditional dances got on the stage in Malaysia as its icon. I am not going to talk about this traditional culture. Instead of it, a site which has been built by a young boy with with this local reog spirit has attracted me much.

This site is trying to attract to the world. With its physical design, it is simple but easily eyes catcher. Each of the pages is divided into three columns with different size. The left wider column is for main content. The central positioned column is seemingly designed for monetizing and SEO tools. The rest column which takes place in the right side is taken place by archives, content summary and blogging community.

This site concentrates to several topics, namely health, information, tips, trick, thought, personal sharing, technology, refreshing, travel and other topics. The author named Sofyan tries to present these topics seriously but in nice way.

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