Recount Text: My Holiday Vacation to Safari Park

Beside Jatim Park, Safari Park is great place to visit when you are seeking a place for animal view. Retelling such vacation experiences is best example of recount text.

When you are learning English in high school, you are led to learn several kinds of text from fiction to factual report, from a subjective essay like hortatory exposition to an objective essay like explanation text and procedure text.  Now we are learning an example of recount text about holiday vacation.

Retelling My Holiday Vacation to Safari Park As Example Of Recount Text
Hello, my name is Frida. This is the story about my trip last year. Together with my family, I went to Puncak, Bogor. According to plan, we wanted to visit Safari Park. Because it was a private holiday, so we just using car. My father would be the driver and also the tour guide since he lived in the city for more than 5 years, though now he works and lives in Jakarta with me and my family.

From Jakarta, we spent about 3 hours before we could reach the park. We went at 07.00 and arrived in the Safari Park about 10.00 A.M. before we could go in, my father bought tickets for each of us. At the first scene, we saw elephants; a huge, strong and smart animal.

Further inside, we found more animals. Tiger is my favorite because he is the symbol of power, strength and speed. After animals, we continued our trip to watch shows. There are many shows held in Safari Park, most are animal shows. I knew that many activists criticized such thing because they thought that animals have to be treated like animals, not doing such performances. However, the shows are a great way to introduce animals to kids in a different manner.

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