Narrative Text Fable: The Rabbit and the Tiger

We have given you an example of fable story for learning narrative text previously, the story of the frog and ants crossing river, attracts some readers. So to have more reading text, we now give this fable story of rabbit and tiger. Fable should have ability to arouse reader's attention to catch the moral value to be applied the real life.

Fable Story of The Rabbit and the Tiger
Once upon a time, there was a small rabbit trapped in a big hole in the middle of a jungle. He was confused because there were no roots or branches that could be used for climbing. Suddenly, he heard a roar. It was coming from the king of the jungle, which is the tiger. He realized that it could be the end of his life if the tiger knew he was there.

However, the small rabbit was not stupid. He understood that the tiger was the only chance for him to get out from the hole. Without a doubt, the small rabbit called the tiger loudly, “Hey, tiger come here!” Tiger heard the calling and searched for it. The king of the jungle found a small rabbit in the bottom of a hole. Tiger laughed because he thought that he would have a delicious easy meal that day.

Before the tiger jumped to the hole, the rabbit told him, “Tiger, you can eat me but with one condition, you must turn your back and counting from one to 50.”

“I want to take off my clothes, so you can eat my flesh easily, so do not look back”, the rabbit added.
Without asking, the tiger did what rabbit asked. He turned his back, closed his eyes and counting. In that position, his tail went down to the hole, near the rabbit’s position. As soon as possible, the rabbit grabbed the tail, jumped onto the tiger’s back and then run as fast as he could. He said to tiger, “Thank you for helping me out Tiger.”

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