Narrative Text and Most Dominant Language Features

Learning text types in junior and senior high school is featuring the languages which are dominantly used to compose the narrative text. This language features are commonly relating to grammar and structure. Recently, studying grammar and structure can not separated with the contexts. That is why we find some grammar focus will be attached in the text.

Narrative text, since it told a story, is dominantly constructed in past tenses. It is logic because every story happened in the past time, happened before it is talking as a story. The past tenses can be simple past, past continuous tense, and past perfect tense. These three tenses of the past will dominate talking in a narrative text.

Further, due to exploration of the participants of the story, dialog among participant seem to be written in direct speeches. Why it is constructed in mostly direct speech is to lead the readers feel, think, and have any experience by them selves through the real dialog of the participant.

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