How Day and Night Happen: Best Explanation Text Sample

Learning English online is to speed up what we needed. Besides the fast access, ease of which can also be taken when we are learning English online. Almost all of us to learn the material we can actually search for on the internet. Just as we are now. Among us there are who want to find an example explanation text, then quickly we can get.

Even an explanation text, with the number of sources that we can get, sometimes make a bit confusing. Well, the following is an explanation that does not contain conclusion paragraph.

Example Explanation Text - How Day and Night Happen
The sun seems to rise in the morning, crosses the sky during the day and sets at night. However the sun does not actually move around the earth. Earth's turning on its axis makes it look as if the sun is moves.

The earth makes a complete turn on its axis for 24 hours. It is called as rotation. It causes day and night. Also the earth moves around the sun. It takes 365 days or a year. This process is called revolution. The revolution process causes the changes of the season

As can understand that an explanation text means an explanation as its name. Shaped text of this explanation would be an explanation of the question of "how" and "why".

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