Example spoof text + Generic Structure "Bad Dream"

Example spoof short text in English is titled "Bad Dream" Short story is quite entertaining spoof text because it has a final twisting. Twist the end of the story is unexpected for the reader encountered in each example spoof text

Spoof text is one kind of text that should be studied secondary school students in Indonesia. Learn English through tek type is known as the "learning English through text-based approach" This means devices such as the English language grammar and structure, vocabularies, tenses, etc. were not studied separately but following types of text again discussed. This is why we know there is a term "Language Feature" in any kind of text in addition to "Generic Structure"

Spoof similar to the actual text of narrative text, and recount text. The difference is how the text TIPA organized / arranged on certain pattern. Okay, not at length, we see a short example spoof text English

Example Spoof Text - Bad Dream
Example of spoof text in bad dream

Once there was a couple sleeping. The wife had a bad dream. She woke up. She was scared and cried.

Her husband tried to make her comfortable and asked why she cried. Then she replied: “I had a dream that a very rich and handsome man kidnapped me from you.” Hearing his wife answer, the husband said: “It is ok honey, it was just a dream.”

Immediately the wife responded loudly: “That is why I’m crying.”

Spoof text - Generic structure Analysis
What structure used to compose that short story? Below is a not trying to answer such question.
1. Orientation: Wife and her husband
2. Events: The husband makes her wife calm. The wife tells his dream about kidnapping. Then the husband make his wife that it was just a dream
3. Twist: The wife answer is twisting. What makes her crying is actually the kidnapping was only a dream

That's all the story of bad dream as spoof text. Reading spoof text is interesting while learning English with fun.

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