Dewi Sri: Example Narrative Text Myth

Narrative text may be myth or legend. This folk story text can be included as one example of narrative text for writing story structure meets the elements ORIENTATION, complication, and RESOLUTION. The element we know as Generic Structure.

Before we look at the example of narrative text the following myth, it is good we discuss a little bit about the differences in myth and legend. At first glance these two models folk story and many consider almost the same. But theoretically 2 story that people have differences that need to be known.  The difference between myth and legend is as follows:
The myth is a story that is circulating in the community that is in the writing of the English "myth" usually regarding about matters relating to the unseen and often seem absurd mythology for Indonesia rice, especially Java community.
Legends is a story that circulated widely in the community who is with the origin of the place, like legend of  Toba lake, the legendary city of Surabaya.

Now let's read this example of narrative in the form of a myth story
The Myth of Dewi Sri

story dewi sri sebagai bentuk narrative text
Statue of Dewi Sri

Once upon a time, Batara Guru commanded all the gods and goddesses to contribute their power in order to build a new palace. Anybody who disobeyed this commandment were considered lazy and would lose their arms and legs.

 Hearing the Batara Guru's commandment, Naga god was very anxious because he didn't have arms or legs.  He might not be able do the job. So he asked  advice from Batara Narada who was the younger brother of Batara Guru. Unfortunately Narada was also confused. The Naga god became very upset.

While the Naga god was crying for his bad luck, three teardrops fell on the ground. Not long after that, those teardrops became three beautiful shining eggs which looked like jewels. Then Batara Narada advised him to offer those  shining eggs to Batara Guru.

With the three eggs in his mouth, the Naga god went to the Batara Guru's palace. On the way,  an eagle asked him a question. Surely Naga god could not answer the question because he was holding the eggs in his mouth. Seeing that, the bird thought that Naga god was arrogant and the bird attacked him.

Being attacked, one egg fell to earth. Then Naga god was hiding in the bushes but the bird was waiting for him. The bird attacked for the second time and one egg fell again. So Naga god only had one egg in his mouth. He kept moving to Batara Guru's palace.

Finally Naga god arrived at the palace. He offered the egg to the Batara Guru. And miraculously the egg hatched became a very beautiful baby girl. Naga god gave the baby girl to the Batara Guru. The baby grew up into a beautiful girl and later known for Dewi Sri.

Narrative text myth about Dewi Sri above can be interpreted as follows. Translation English folk story is meant to be more understand the content of the story so that we can analyze its generic structure more easily. Why do we should know the schematic arrangement of the above story? No other is so that we can identify the genres or types of the story text. Here is a translation Indonesian language.

Furthermore, the important thing we need to discuss is the Generic structure story. This is to make sure what the true story of Dewi Sri above can be considered as one example of narrative text or not. Here is a generic pattern sturcture:
1. Orientation: There were of participants in that story. They dragon god, Guru, God Narada and an eagle. They were on time once.
Complication: Dragon god faced a problem Relating to Guru Commandment. Then he was in conflict with an eagle on the way to the palace.
3. Resolution: Dragon god close the story by successfully offering an egg Guru roommates turned into a beautiful girl.

There are 2 things we will get. First we can find out new things like the origin of Dewi Sri. Second reading above story, we'll get a little more vocabulary or new vocabulary that we may not know before.




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