Recount Text: Holliday Vacation at Prambanan Temple

Again we are learning a story text about vacation. This story vacation, as retells a series of event when spending holiday at prambanan then is called a recount text. As stated in the definition of recount text, mostly this kind of text is structured by three segmented paragraphs. They are orientation, series of events, and reorientation. For language feature, recount text is dominantly used past tenses sentences; such as simple past tense, past continuous tense, or past perfect tense.

Holiday experience story is personal experience with holiday as the topic. Holiday is categorized as special event that many people to share their holiday story. As personal story, first person (“I”) is used on the sentences. The example is given below.

My Holiday Vacation at Prambanan Temple As Example of Recount Text
On the last Sunday, my family spent a holiday at Prambanan Temple. The temple is only one-hour drive from my home so there is nothing special on the road.

When we arrived at the temple, we were so excited to see one of Jogja’s landmarks. The complex consists of several Hindu temples constructed by big volcanic rocks. We captivated by the amazing hundreds years old natural stone structures with beautiful sculptures and statues all around. We took a lot of photos near the temples and statues. Some of them were group photo and I took selfie as well.

After satisfied seeing the temples, we took rest at the park inside the complex. We opened the lunch boxes we brought from home. I didn’t know whether it was the food or the fact that we were so tired from walking around the complex or the happy atmosphere, but the food tasted so delicious. After finishing the lunch, we went home with a lot of happy memories.

Note: We have also given you a recount text sample about vacation at Borobudur temple. Prambanan and Borobudur temple are great places to visit when you are on vacation. If you do not know how Borobudur temple looks like, you can read my example of descriptive text about Borobudur. Hopefully you enjoy your vacation and keep learning English Online after returning from vacation.

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