Narrative Text with Generic Structure - Monkeys and Cap Seller

The previous post, kumpulan example narrative text, consists a lot of examples of text labelled as narrative story. Then it will be useful if we read another example of narrative text provided with the generic structure. Let's see the following famous narrative story!

The Monkeys and The Cap Seller
Once, a cap seller was passing through a jungle. He was very tired and needed to rest. Then, he stopped and spread a cloth under a tree. He placed his bag full of caps near him and lay down with his cap on his head.
The cap seller had a sound sleep for one hour. When he got up, the first thing he did was to look into his bag. He was startled when he found all his caps were not there.
When he looked up the sky, he was very surprised to see monkeys sitting on the branches of a tree, each of the monkeys is wearing a cap of on its head. They had evidently done it to imitate him
He decided to get his caps back by making a humble request to the monkeys. In return, the monkeys only made faces of him. When he begun to make gesture, the monkeys also imitated him.
At last he found a clever idea. " Monkeys are a great imitator," he thought. So he took off his own cap and threw it down on the ground. And as he had expected, all the monkeys took off the caps and threw the caps down on the ground. Quickly, he stood up and collected the caps, put them back into his bag and went away.

The generic structure of above narrative story is:
Orientation: The cap seller as the participant (main character), once time as time setting, and in the jungle as place setting. We note from discussion that the elements of orientation is shortly answering who, when and where of the story.
Complication: The cap seller wants the monkeys to bring back his caps but the monkeys do not return them. Of course this makes the cap seller face a problem. Complication in a narrative text is not always in single problem. That is we know a major conflict and minor conflict.
Resolution: The cap seller gets the monkey to bring back the cap by acting of throwing his own cap. The monkeys imitate what he has done so the problem is is solved. This story has happy ending as the cap seller has his caps returned.

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