Narrative Text: Story of Mousedeer Stealing Farmer's Cucumber

Mouse deer stealing cucumber in the English language can be regarded as an example of narrative text. Why? Answering this question needs to recall how a structured narrative text. The pattern of generic structure agreed upon when loading ORIENTATION followed complication and closed with a RESOLUTION.

Example of narrative text with cucumber stole the deer story in the English language continues series fable of the hare story. Previously had presented the story of a mouse deer and crocodile deer where the story is much in demand by children and become a very popular story in our environment. Well immediately, we see deer stealing cucumber story below!

The Story of Mouse Deer and Farmer
Once there were a mouse deer and a farmer. The farmer planted cucumber in his farm. In the same time the mouse deer was trying to steal the cucumbers.

Mouse deer steal cucumber in the farm with scarecrow
Scarecrow: Flickr

One day, when the mouse deer wanted to steal the cucumber, he saw a scarecrow int the farmer's field. He was frightened in the first time but soon found that the scarecrow could not scare off him. Even he punched the scarecrow with his front leg. Unluckily his front leg got stuck in the scarecrow because the farmer had filled it with strong adhesive glue.
The mouse deer forcefully tried to pull out his leg, but it did not work. The glue was too strong for him to set free. Not long after that, the farmer came. The farmer was satisfied to his work. The mouse deer was finally trapped. Then the farmer put the mouse deer in a cage.
The mouse deer was really in a big trouble as the farmer's dog came approaching him. The dog said that the mouse deer would be cut and cooked for the following morning. In such dangerous situation, the mouse deer kept calm even relaxed. Of course it made the dog confused and asked the mouse deer why  he was not scared. So the mouse deer answered," I'll not be cooked but I'll be a prince" Hearing the answer, the dog became more confused then the mouse deer continued. "I'm going to marry the farmer's daughter so I'm going to be a prince. I am sad about you. You have loyalties but they are paid just like this" The mouse deer knew that the dog felt unhappy and continued proudly, "Now, look at me! I'll become a prince in this house tomorrow"
The dog felt discriminated and asked the mouse deer to switch place. The dog thought that by switching place with the mouse deer in the cage, he would become a prince. The mouse deer agreed. Soon the dog opened the cage and let the mouse deer free.

Note on Generic Structure of Narrative text
Back to answer the question why steal the hare story in English cucumbers above can be included as an example of narrative text is none other because we could decide element or element schematic structure as follows:
1. Orientation: The mouse deer and farmer in once time
2. Complication: The mouse deer struggles to set free form the escrow. Then how the mouse deer convinces the farmer's dog to switch place in the cage
3. Resolution: The mouse deer gets free from the cage

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