Narrative Text Myth - Story of Batara Kala

As we all know that learning English is given through text based approach. Today we learn an example of narrative text. This narrative text is perhaps reminiscent of English story-story myths that we often hear as a child.

In the event of natural phenomena such as Venus eclipse, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse, Circulating response to a natural phenomenon the "moon visible partly  only because they are eaten by the" Buto ". The story Batara Kala in English language might be able to reconstruct how the myth was circulated as the community.

Text genre narrative very close relation to other forms of folk story, such as: myth, legend, folk tales, fairy tales or fables. From all forms of the story, there is one equation that is the exploration of the problems being faced by the offender in developing a path or a story plot.

Referring to the generic structure of a text, "problem" which is being faced by participants of the story we know as conflict, and to prepare the paragraph narrative, conflict occupies a major position even as a differentiation with other similar types of text, such as the recount.
Story of Batara Kala
Once there was an evil giant. He was called Batara Kala. He liked to kill people, especially children. His hair was was made form fire. Everybody was frightened of him.
One day, The chief of  gods, Batara Guru, invited all the gods and goddesses to drink sacred water in Paradise. The water was called Tirta Amertasari. Anyone who drank the water, he or she would live forever.
Because Batara Kala was not invited, he secretly flew into Paradise and stole some of the water and drank it. Unfortunately the god of Sun, Batara Surya,  and the goddess of Moon, Batara Chandra, knew what he did. They reported what Batara Kala had done to Batara Visnu, the keeper god of universe.
Batara Visnu took his weapon, Cakra, and shot it  to Batara Kala. It hit him on the neck. Batara Kala’s body was separated from head at once but his head was alive. He was very furious with Batara Surya and Batara Chandra. He swore to take revenge on them.
The giant, Batara Kala, then chased Batara Surya and Batara Chandra. He swallowed them up. Fortunately, Batara Surya and Batari Chandra could escape from Batara Kala’s throat because he had  no longer his body.

Who knows how depictions description of this giant Batara Kala? See the following picture. It does all the talking. Sometimes a picture speaks more than words, doesn't it?

 Batara Kala: By ESCapade (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Stories about Batara Kala, already. Pictures for apparently also we already know. Now we go on "Why the story text can we put as one example of narrative text? The easiest way to prove it is by analyzing the composition of meaning in paragraphs. For that we just see generic structure English story above. See the table

OrientationIn the first paragraph clearly mentioned there is characterization of giant, kala Batar, who were living in a time. Batara Kala is an evil giant.
ComplicationThe problem begins armpit Batara Kala is not recognized by the gods so as not invited to the banquet drinking water magic. He too tried to get the magic water in his own way that is not legal, stealing. Certainly this act is considered as a serious matter that the gods Vishnu Batara commissioned that have the powerful weapon to punish him. It turns out this punishment made Batara Kala became increasingly spiteful to the witnesses and complainants, Batara Batara Surya and Candra.
ResolutionThis story is covered by the failure of the perpetrator, Batara Kala, in reply to the actions of the parties reporting the behaviour so he was punished. Failing that they are due for his dumb. Batara Kala is strong and powerful but not smart enough. Tell us what it means?

Now it is clear why the above story could be included as a type of narrative. What next? It also feels that the English story above is not equipped with translation. Well for those who still do not quite understand the meaning of the story above, the following is the translation in Indonesian

Translation of Story of Batara Kala From English

If you do not understand the meaning of that folktale story, you can see image below to see the translation

[caption id="attachment_4632" align="alignnone" width="794"]narrative text batara kala translation The translation of Batara Kala story for learning English narrative text[/caption]

Well, this is our lesson of narrative text in the story of folktale. This story is about Batara Kala which is very famous in the most region of society. Happy learning English.

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