NARRATIVE TEXT FABLE: Story Mouse Deer and Elephant

This is the third series of the story of mouse deer in the English language for learning narrative text. It is about fable Story Mouse Deer and Elephant. As all know stories of animals being part of a kind of narrative text because it meets the schematic structure element that is Orientation, Complication and Resolution.

The stories in English  is the deer stealing previous cucumbers in English are also completed with the generic structure analysis that can be used to enrich our knowledge of narrative text.

The Story of Mouse Deer and Elephant
One day, there was a mouse deer. He was trapped in a hole that had been made by a group of hunters.
The mouse deer screamed for help but no one heard him. It was hopeless for him to escape from the trap. He waited and waited and finally  an elephant came. He  was happy and asked for help but the elephant  was not smart enough to help him. The elephant did not know how to do
In the end, the mouse deer got a bright idea. He said to the elephant, "Come down here! Come down to this hole so you can help me get out!" Foolishly The elephant agreed and followed the mouse deer's order. The elephant jumped down to the hole.
Of course the mouse deer quickly hopped on the elephant's body and then hopped out of the hole. He was free and leaving the elephant trapped in the hole in turn.

Note on the generic structure
Each story or article can be included as an example of narrative text of origin meet the elements of generic structure as follows:
1. Orientation: Introduction figure when and where the story. In the story of the deer and elephants above, clearly stated that the orientation is the deer itself and an elephant in once time.
2. Complication: Conflicts or problems. The basic concept desire problems are nothing like reality. The deer wanted to get out of the trap but could not. Even the elephant did not know how to help the deer.
3. Resolution: In the end, with a little trickery, the deer can get out of the trap while the elephant helper mlah terjebah own.

Moral Lessons We can Take
Each of us must strive to do good. Helping is a commendable attitude. However, having the attitude and good intentions are not enough. We must also smart.

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