Example Recount Text: Journey to Istanbul

Blog learning English this time presents again one example recount text as one of the genres in the English text. He in fact had enough example in the category of short texts recount as in posts here and here. However, it could not hurt to add to our knowledge so that more Understand the types of text that speak about this experience.

Before readingexample recount text of this short, it is good we recall the definition of "What and How is recount text?" where the type of English text aims to tell experience of someone who has gone before. Recount text has schematic arrangement of introduction (Orientation), followed by events occurring  (Events), and then covered with a repetition orientation (reorientation). Up here he in fact we would be more than enough to understand what kind of recount text. Now let us see the example below.

Example Recount Text - Journey to Istanbul
Recounting experinece flying to Istanbul
It was early morning, on sunny spring day in April, Heathrow Airport London was very busy. I was sitting reading a news paper in the Departure Lounge of Terminal One.

I was nervous when I would fly. I looked at my watch impatiently. Then I I heard the announcement over the loudspeakers:

British Airways announce the departure of Flight BE570 for Istanbul. Will passengers please proceed to Gate 16 for boarding.

Hearing that announcement, I picked up my suitcase and walked toward Gate16. Twenty minutes later, the plane was preparing to leave. It moved slowly across the airport to runway number two. I was sitting looking out of the window.

The plane suddenly moved forward, raced down the runway and raised into the air. I looked own at the house and roads far below.

I was smiling. London was behind me. I was on my way to Istanbul.

It is quite interesting to learn recount text. First we can enrich the vocabulary of the English language and understand how a recount text it was written. The second reading of this text, a little more we can find out how the atmosphere and an overview of the situation in a busy airport London Heathrow.

1. Addapted from from Richard Chisholm, Jouney to Istambul pada  Meet Me in Istambul, Dian Rakyat, Jakarta, 1993
2. Illustrated image is taken from pixabay.com/en/plane-airplane-airport-landing-13746/

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