Example Narrative Text: Story of Tom and Angela

Any readers still need a short example of narrative text? This time learning English blog this presents yet another example of short story collection to complement the earlier example of narrative text.

If anyone is still confused with the type of story text can see a previous post, the discussion of the definition and understanding of narrative text. Well immediately, we see!

Example of Narrative Text: Sad Love Story of Tom and Angela

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In a narrow, quiet street of old apartment buildings, Tom walked along the pavement, looking at the numbers on the doors, Angela's house
There was only one street light and it was difficult to see but finally he found Angela's address. the building had a large glass door. Tom pushed it but it was locked. There was no bell. He knocked on the door but  nothing happened. He knocked again, louder this time, and listened. Silence. "How can be!" he thought. He was impatient now and worried.
Then he stood back in the middle of the street and looked up. There were five floors and all the windows were black. There was no light anywhere. "Why is this apartment  so dark and silence? Tom thought hard.
In the end Tom just kept standing in that street looking up at the dark and silence building. "Angela" he said quietly to himself, "Angela, where are you now?"

Once we know the meaning of the text narrative short example above, now we discuss why the story can be classified into a narrative text. To distinguish this type of text with each other, the easiest way is to identify the generic structure of a pattern writing the text. A narrative text will follow the schematic structure as follows:
1. Orientation: The paragraph became an introduction to the reader. In the text above, the first paragraph has been informing to the reader THAT an actors TOM is a story that was looking for someone who named Angel. This happened in a narrow street on apartment buildings that are old.
2. Complication. Paragraphs that show the problems being faced by the offender story. In the above example of narrative text, found the problem which constraints to meet with the person sought. Her home has been found with difficulty but it seems people are looking for is not in it.
3. Resolution. Paragraph story that shows how the perpetrator to resolve the problem. As in the previous discussion that the resolution could be a happy ending or a sad ending. In the example above the short narrative text, as the resolution is bad sad ending story in which actors appear deadlocked in facing the problem.

Note: This example narrative text  is recomposed and adapted from Richard Chisholm, a shock of  Meet Me in Istanbul, Dian Rakyat, Jakarta, 1993

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