Discussion Text - Pros and Cons of Computers for Students

understanding text learns more genre of discussion text. Now it is about the pros and cons of computer for students "the pros and cons of computers for students". Still remember what it was text discussion? How manifold argumentative text is different from the analytical exposition and hortatory? Once again the easiest way to distinguish the type of text is to look at its generic structure.

What is the generic structure? And how these structures distinguish between types of text with each other? How is this structure distinguishes discussion example text example text with other genres? In a simple, generic structure is the way the writers compose a paragraph by paragraph into a coherent whole on the delivery the meaning of  writings.

Differences authors construct the generic structure is affected by the purpose or function of the text. Take an narrative story that aims to entertain and teach about values, certainly different from the way the text arrangement with manifold discussion paper which aims to broaden the reader toward an issue or phenomenon.

So if an essay appears structured like the above settings, we can easily say it is an example text discussion. For more details, see the following simple essay!

Pro and con of Computers for Students as Discussion Text
Do you know that most schools and colleges strongly recommend students to have computers to help them Achieve better results of learning. With computer connected to the Internet, students can learn English online. They can Easily Make reports by using word processing software. They can play games to get of boredom. However, a computer can also give negative impacts for a student.

One thing that makes a computer useful is that students can use it to finish some assignments from schools. By connecting to the Internet, they can Easily surf and find any materials related to Reviews their lessons and assignments. They have unlimited resources from all over the worlds. Online libraries are open. A lot of books are free to download and read online. Finding friends from the related field of study is not difficult, anymore. They can work together to boost their best achievement. What more benefit is they can do all of that just by sitting on the a chair of Reviews their rooms. What an amazing world it is, is not?

Although a computer has many benefits, it should be Considered deeply. A computer certainly does not promote students to do and move more. A computes the make students have less physical activities. Even not a few of them forget to have lunch while they are playing Certain games. They just sit in front of monitors. They are caught up in the mystique of the smart machines. In short, students who usually work with computers growing niche to have a few physical activities and exercises.

So what should students do? Should they avoid using computers? Of course "No". Computer will the make even greater benefits if physical activities are Also promoted to done by the students.

Generic Structure of Discussion Text
How is the example of text short discussion about the good and bad of a computer for students above? Why do these writings can be included as an example discussion text? Let's see its schematic structure.
1. In the Issue Statement clearly stated in the first paragraph above text presents a thought about the benefits and the downside of a computer for students
2. Argument For in the  second paragraph presented several reasons why the computer was important for students. With a computer that students can easily achieve better performance. Moreover, support for Internet connection, students will have the resources
3. Arguments Against for paragraph four create the equilibrium standpoint to provide exposure to the negative side of computers morning loyal users. Heavy computer users will tend to reduce physical activity. They prefer to spend time in front of the monitor from the sport for example.
4. Recommendation Paragraph covers some suggestions to do after determines two different things to the problem. in this case should remain recommended for students using the computer at the same time doing activities and physical exercise.

In many cases, it turns out generic structure as above is not always what we get when reading a real article text in any publication media. Some example writings in newspapers and magazines Mass sometimes do not include the last element that recommendation.

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