Short Example of Spoof Text with Generic Structure: The Correct Sentence

It is another short example of spoof text which may make us smile or even burst out laughing. The following sample is really very short but it still can be analyzed and considered as a spoof text.

Well, have you got the point? Why this short paragraphs are labelled as spoof text, NOT  narrative, recount, or news item?     Let's make it clear. The best way to identify whether the text is a spoof or not is by analyzing the structure. We have known that any spoof text should be organized in orientation, events, and twist. Let's see the passage below!
The Correct Sentence
One day, there was a student. His name was Jimmy. He was studying in the classroom. The teacher asked students to write but Jimmy did not do it.

The teacher approached Jimmy. He wanted to know why Jimmy did not write any word on his book. So the teacher asked: “Jimmy, why aren’t you writing?”
Simply Jimmy replied: “I don’t has a pencil.” Responding to Jimmy's answer, the teacher said: “Jimmy, that’s not a correct sentence. Then he continued explaining. The correct way is: I don’t have a pencil; he doesn’t have a pencil; we don’t have a pencil.”

Hearing the teacher's explanation, Jimmy asked: “Who stole all the pencils then?”

Oke, I think that short example of spoof  text is easy to understand. The vocabularies used to compose the paragraphs are not so difficult. The sentence pattern is simple. There are some compound or complex sentences but they are not so complicated to understand.
Example of spoof text
Let's apply that classic theory!
1. Orientation: It is clear that in the first paragraphs, the participants are Jimmy and a teacher
2. Events: From the second paragraph, we see the first event happened after the teacher see that Jimmy did not write, asking a question. The second event is explaining about the correct sentences
3. Twist: The last paragraph says it clearly. Any of you thought before that Jimmy would comment like that? The way Jimmy reacted to the teacher's explanation is really unpredictable.

That's all about spoof text in this post. If you  need more samples, see the previous posts under category of spoof text.

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