Recount Text: My Adventurous Holiday at Parang Kusumo Sand Dunes

As we have talked in the definition of recount text, retelling holiday experiences is the best example of recount text. However there are other topics which best describe how a recount text in English is organized. Most texts which retell a series of event seemingly can be labeled as story.

A story which does not explore any complication among the characters inside the series of event is deserved to take for learning English recount text. Below is an other example of true story about holiday experience.

My Adventurous Holiday at Parang Kusumo Sand Dunes as Example of Recount Text in English
Last week, I planned a holiday trip with my friends to Parang Kusumo Beach. The beach is well known for the sand boarding and I want to try it myself.

A day before the trip, I came to my friend house to prepare the gears. There are sand board rental at the beach but my friend told me it is better to bring our own gears. My friend also showed me how to stand on the board and how to deal with the sand.

On the trip day, we drove for about an hour to get to the beach. Once I stepped on the beach, I saw several large peaks of sand or sand dunes or the locals called it gumuk pasir. The view was fantastic but I did not want to waste time. I instantly took out the gears and ready to sand boarding.

At the beginning, it was very hard to get the balance. The sand was so slippery and I was fall for couple of times. However, I did not want to give up. Finally, I finish my first sand boarding experience at the sixth attempt. I went again and again, until the sun went up above our head. That was very adventurous and tiring holiday, but I got so much fun.

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